April 2013 Weddings

Tentatively April 13th 2013

Hello All :)
My FI and I have been together since Jan 2011. She hasn't "technically" proposed yet, but we are both set in the fact that we want to get married she even has a ring (I swear she's just trying to torture me), but she hasn't found the right time. So since we're already planning our wedding I figure I should start poking around and posting to get some ideas and whatnot. :)

Tentatively we've set the date for April 13th 2013 hoping that we have enought time to save up all the money that we need and that everything goes according to plan. 

We live in Colorado currently but are planning a DW in Hawaii. We're planning on inviting about 80 guests but are only really expecting about 40-50 people to show up. We're going to be paying the travel and hotel expenses for all the guests we feel MUST be there (immediate family and BP), which is part of the reason we need to save up SO MUCH money.

Is anyone doing a DW here? How about any DIY? I can't wait to get to know you guys! :)
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