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Still no venue yet

Hey everyone,
Just wondering if there is anyone else out there who still doesn't have their venue yet. We've narrowed it down to 2 places but can't seem to decide which works better for us mgmt the coordinators take forget to respond to emails or phone calls. I know i'm behind since our date is April 6, 2013 and feel super stressed but just want to know if i'm the only one out there feeling this way.
Thanks ladies
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Re: Still no venue yet

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    nay1984nay1984 member
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    are the two venues very different? if so maybe youtube weddings at those style of venues and see which one you could relate more with..it may give you an idea if you want a ex country club style wedding vs banquet hall....

    maybe write a list of all the things you want at your wedding from decorations to seating of your guests and then see which venue is better

    i picked my venue early on but i found it was the hardest decision because it set the tone for everything else..so maybe if you work backwards it will help you decide what you are looking for in a venue :)

    hope that helps

    do you have links to both sites..maybe we can help you out

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    Me too, I know what I want but there is different areas that we can use and they have to be booked like now. My Fiance has been unavalible to help me go look and he'll be upset if I choose without him. He really wants to be a part of the whole process though. So hopefully next we we'll take a picnic up and spend the afternoon feeling the place out. It should be fun.
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    We've picked ours, but we haven't booked it. yet. Hopefully we can do that today, or sometime this week. Ours all came down to budget in the end, and how to make it work for the number of people we need to have seats and food for.

    I know it's frustrating to feel like you're behind in planning. I would write out pros and cons, go over pics again, as well as pricing, and make a choice. Maybe list the things that are most important to you in general, and do a collumn for each place, then check off in each collumn which venue has the better in each category. Like price, space, matching theme, food, decorations...Hope this helps.
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    The venue was the first thing I had booked, I guess I just knew it was what I wanted. I only looked at one venue. 

    I think you should sit down and make a list of pros & cons for each venue. Also make a list of MUST HAVES for a reception and start ticking off which ones which venue has and doesnt. Also, maybe break down a budget for each venue and see is one going to be any cheaper than the other to put it all together. 

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    hang in there!! we are getting married april 5,2013! We did book ours early on (got engaged in november, booked our venue in december) It was one of two places we looked at CRAZY i know! but i been looking at and dreaming of places since before we got engaged, and the venue just fits us perfectly!! When we went looking the coordinator told us the by early spring they would def. start booking for 2013, so i would suggest writing out pros and cons of each place and making your decision from there. what do you like about each place, what you don't like, and what really gives you that feeling. I know the minute I stepped into the venue I was getting married there. HTH! would love to see links, and here more about the places to help you better!
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    vk2204vk2204 member
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    We got engaged April of 2011 and we booked our reception hall in August because it fills up very quickly. But that decision was literally the easiest one for me, it was the only thing I knew I wanted 100%.

    I would make sure that both are still available for your date and go with your gut and don't look back. Good luck!

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    The venue was the first thing we booked, too, back in February.  I'd really make a list of pros and cons and make a decision soon, especially if venues book up in your area quickly.  I already know one other Pittsburgh bride on these boards with the same date as me!
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    My fiance and I just recently selected our venue a few weeks ago. our wedding date is April 20, 2013. It was the hardest decision, but when we viewed the last venue we knew it was it! Make sure thats the venue you LOVE before you book it. Good Luck!!

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    We still don't have a venue either. We're looking at different options, but my parents said they won't be able to contribute as much as they said they would. I'm lucky they are contributing at all, but it was a game changing amount.
    So now, I'm trying to get creative in Chicago with budget friendly venues.
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