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April 2013 Weddings

Hey all :)

Hey! I'm Jen, and my wedding's going to be April 13, 2013, and I'M SO EXCITED!!! lol :) I wish it would come here sooner  :p  I'm in Buffalo, NY and already have had some problems finding venues, etc.  Anyways, lol we got engaged last July, and we originally aimed for dec. 2012 but that's my last sememster of school, and I'd like to be done with it forever before I get married :) I'm so excited that there are other brides out there already with April 2013 in mind!!!! I'm sure I'll see ya around!! 

xxx, Jen

Re: Hey all :)

  • LOL!!! Thats so weird! Here I am down in Texas worried about a little rain (because the ceremony is going to be held outdoors) and ya'll have to worry bout snow!!!  Congrats girl!!! Im a 4/6/2013 bride! I was tired of hearing about 13 superstitions from my fam (because truthfully african americans can be VERY supersticious) so I made my date the 6th. Happy planning you guys!!!
    Livin the Good Life!
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