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Alcohol Fights..

We found a perfect venue... open catering, beautiful outdoor space, gorgeous inside, in our budget, etc. However, the alcohol policy doesn't allow kegs/barrels/boxed wine/bulk containers, unless you obtain a special permit.
I am fine with it, my mom confirmed my side would be just a-okay without a keg, but FI wants a couple kegs and things like that.

I don't even know anything about alcohol and will probably only sip a  single glass of champagne at the wedding. I don't want to waste time/money on getting a permit.

For my FI, this is a make/break issue regarding this venue.

I'm not even sure he will try to compromise with me. We can totally still have alcohol, but within the policy...bottles/cans of beer, wine, hard lemonades, and malt-based beverages.
I don't even know what a malt-based beverage is.

I truly think that will suffice. If people wanna drink other stuff, they can stop at a bar on the way to the reception. That's on them!


Re: Alcohol Fights..

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    I'm sorry chino! Hopefully your FI will see how awesome a deal you have AND that he and his family can still drink until the cows come home. How much is the permit?

    Malt beverages are things like Mike's Hard Lemonade and Smirnoff. Basically, wine coolers. 

    If you can supply beer in cans/bottles, there should be no reason for a keg, unless you want to save the money buying "in bulk" vs buying case after case of beer. It may be more cost effective to get the permit and save money buying the bulk wine and kegs. 

    Are glass bottles allowed, or just cans?

    Also make sure you have a place to keep all of the alcohol cold! 

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    Aw, this stinks!!! I agree with previous post, another options is doing a signature drink, or just having select alcohol. I went to a wedding where it was a selection of two different kinds of beer, and the option of a red or white wine. This will limit what you have to buy and keep it simple and easy where you can buy cans or bottles of the select items. HTH!
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    I would look into the permit, I don't think they are too much of a hassle and the venue should be able to help you with that also.

    Does the venue have a place to keep the drinks cold? Like if you were to get bottles of beer would they be refrigerated?
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