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April 2013 Weddings


Taking a sick day.  It's been nonstop this week...I'm over it.  I woke up really congested and the roofers at work are not an exciting soundtrack to work to.  

Did anyone notice that TK is maybe making a new layout?  Or at least new colors?  pretttyyyy :-)  

WR: ummm...I guess just getting things ready to go home with me next week for my bridal portrait.

NWR: meetup tonight with my local girls' group, working a little bit tomorrow morning and hanging out with a friend I used to sail with.  Tomorrow afternoon I'm meeting with a coworker so she can teach me how to do my makeup for the bridal portrait/wedding :-)

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Re: Friday!

  • Oh ya! I see the new layout now. Hopefully it works better...

    Nothing wedding related for me this weekend. Maybe I'll try to see about a cake... lol

    NWR: Going to a concert tonight. Having the FI parents over for dinner tomorrow, so spending tomorrow cooking and cleaning! Sunday, church and doing something fun! I just hope this day goes by fast, I'm over this week!
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  • Getting hair colored tomorrow and Sunday shopping for flower girl dresses..... Where? I have no idea :/
  • WR: FI's BM told him today that he might not be able to make it to the wedding - which is fine.  The problem is that we each only asked 1 person to stand up and it's going to look ridiculous if I have a MoH and there's no BM.  Thankfully, I didn't print out the program fans yet.  I'm kind of done with WR stuff until after Christmas - it's just getting too busy around here.  On a cool note.... we're at the 4 month mark today! EEEEK!

    NWR: My daughter has her 3rd birthday party in 6 weeks tomorrow.  If I have to go to another kiddie venue, I may very well lose what's left of my mind!  Sunday is our Christmas celebration with my dad's side - which should be interesting, considering his fiance refuses to talk to 2 of my dad's 3 daughters, and the one she DOES talk to still isn't sure if she's coming or not.  I may be bringing some tequila for my potluck contribution.
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