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How are you all getting from point a to point b, whatever those points may be?

We have to get from the church to the reception site, but I really don't want to spend any money on a limo or fancy car. So I'm thinking we'll just clean my car up so it looks pretty and maybe have "Just Married!" written on the back windshield or something and call it good.  The bridal party will be driving themselves with their significant others, so that works...
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Re: Transportation?

  • We are renting a limo for 4 hours and having a town car come pick us up at the end of the night to take us home.  The town car is from the same company as the limo it was like $50.

    I think your plan sounds great!  I actually saw  markers at Michaels that are meant to write on glass  so that could work well for the writing on your back window
  • I was kind of against a limo (I really could care less about having pictures in front of an overpriced car rental) but we ended up deciding to go with it in the end. For one thing, I didn't want my my dress to get all smooshed before pictures. For another, it makes it MUCH easier for the bridal party to get around, I figured, as most of them will be in staying at the hotel and wanting to catch the shuttle home to avoid drunk driving, but they won't have time to go drop their cars off between the ceremony and the reception, what with pictures and all. So, we went with the cheapest option for us - a 14 passenger towncar. Nothing super fancy but enough to get us transported from point a to point b without people having to worry about their cars.
  • Since everything for us is on-site and only a 7 minute ride from the hotel to venue FI and I also did not want to pay the cost of a limo, and are also finding that shuttles are pricey since our hotel does not offer one. FIs sister offered up a couple of her friends to be our drivers. (They of course have agreed to help us out) We are going to rent two mini vans. They will drive the bridal party to the venue, as well as hotel guests and at the end of the night back to the hotel.

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  • We are doing limos for the bridal party because our church and reception site are about 45 minutes away and we are stopping in between for pictures, so for purely logistical reasons we are doing 2 stretch limos. I think we might leave FI's convertable at the reception hall the night before so that we can make our exit in that. Otherwise to rent a towncar for a 30 minute drive at the end of the night. They wanted $150. I couldn't really rationalize that expense. 

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  • Do you plan on doing pictures between ceremony and reception? If you do, I would suggest getting one vehicle for everyone involved. I went to a wedding where everyone in the party drove themselves and it didn't work out very well. A. They were all drinking and B. Not everyone made it to the pictures/reception on time because of different reasons.

    We plan on getting a bus because our party is quite large and we will be going to a separate location for pictures. Also we got a very good deal on a bus so that helped too!
  • Our venue has a bus available for rent. We're having everything in one place, but we're renting out the bus so that our guests who want to stay in a hotel room have a way to travel back and forth. :)

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    I think your plan to just use your own car and fancy it up a bit would work fine! I really like that idea, and I agree there's no real need to get a fancier car. I also don't think you need to be responsible for anyone else's transportation.

    ETA: We aren't having any kind of car. Ceremony and reception are both in the same hotel that we are staying in, and there is a park across from it where we can do pictures, so there's really no need for any kind of transportation.
  • The chapel the ceremony is at doesn't allow alcohol in it, so no one will be drinking before thankfully. (Very small wedding party as well, so not a worry.) We are doing all of our pictures before the ceremony and then leaving immediately after, getting into the car and going to the restaurant so we can see the place first. Then we'll take more couple pictures there during cocktail hour. So it's ok if we ditch the wedding party after and meet them at the restaurant. Hopefully... ha!
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  • All of our guests (and FI) will drive and park in a parking garage.  A trolley will meet them there to take everyone to the ceremony.  I will be taken to the ceremony in a horse drawn carriage. 

    After the ceremony, our guests will take a 1 hour tour of our destination wedding location in the trolley while we take a few pictures.  The trolley will drop them all off at the reception venue, which is across the street from the parking garage we're recommending for them to leave their cars in the morning.  They can drive back to the hotel from there, or wander the cobblestone streets until they're sober enough to drive.  (It's a morning wedding with a lunch reception, so I doubt anyone will be getting totally trashed.) 

    After everyone leaves, FI and I will be picked up in a horse drawn carriage for a private ride and be dropped off back at the car.  We totally plan on wandering around in our wedding attire for the rest of the day - including a stop for dinner at our favorite local hole in the wall mom & pop restaurant for dinner.  I'm sure we'll be quite the sight.  lol
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  • Oh this is one thing I thankfully don't have to worry about. It was very important to us that both ceremony n reception are in same place and we found the PERFECT location. I wish you the best in finalizing your transportation details.
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