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lets talk ladies!!

ok girls .. lets start taking!! 

what aspect of your wedding is everyone most excited about? wearing the dress? seeing the flowers.. or maybe even after the wedding when you get your photos back?

im most excited about my first look with my fiance. i think it will be sweet and intimate 

Re: lets talk ladies!!

  • I love your idea about the father/daughter dance video!! That will be adorable :)

    As stupid as it sounds, I'm excited about EVERYTHING!! The first time we see each other, sending out invitations, trying on dresses, planning the parties, the family time, dancing at the reception and of course getting married to my best friend :) and so so so much more!!
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  • I'm just excited to see the look on my fiance's face when I go crying down the aisle lol
  • lol everytime i see a bride walk down the aisle i get a little emotional....i donno how im going to not fully cry when its me...im hoping i get a burst of strength and can walk down the aisle with a nice smile...lol...anyone else feel like they are gonna just cry? 
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    [QUOTE]lol everytime i see a bride walk down the aisle i get a little emotional....i donno how im going to not fully cry when its me...im hoping i get a burst of strength and can walk down the aisle with a nice smile...lol...<strong>anyone else feel like they are gonna just cry? 
    </strong>Posted by nay1984[/QUOTE]

    I am the biggest crybaby of all time. I cry at the most ridiculous things. I know I will be balling my eyes out.
  • I'm excited to see my family! My family is from out of state and I will see them before the wedding but I am just excited for them to be there.... I ordered our save the dates last night with our engagement pictures on them last night. 
    There is so much to look forward to.. I am NOT looking forward to the amount of crying I will be doing that day! Which sucks but I am emotional soooo there will be plenty of tears. I cried looking at our engagement pictures....

    I can't wait, I am sure all of you feel this way but I have been engaged once before and never felt the way about Joe (my ex) the way I do about Jeremy. We were together for 4 years and I never felt it.. probably why we broke up but with Jeremy there is everything I have ever wanted... ever. 442 days seems way too far away.
  • I'm most excited for the first look, as well.

    AND to dance my buns off! Oh yeah!
  • Seeing the look on my fiance's face for the first time walking down the aisle... Seeing everything come together, honeymoon, all of it! :) 

    I'm pretty excited for everything that comes after the wedding as well :) 
  • i am excited to marry my fiance of course but i'm soooooo excited to see all my crazy DIY projects come together.  I am excited about all the personal touches that we are working on to make our wedding day special.
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  • I'm excited to see FI's face as I walk down the aisle. And I just know I'm gonna cry - but then, so will he!

    I'm also excited to have a really awesome celebration with all of our close friends and family afterwards!

    Oh, and the pictures - our venue is an old mansion converted to an art museum. It's gonna be gorgeous!
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  • I am excited to see everyone having a good time.
    I want us to dance, to laugh and just let loose!
    What are you guys planning as far as the entertainment?
    I know we need to dance but are there other things to do?
    Can you give me a run down of the timeline you are planning for your wedding?
    Like ceremony at 5pm.
    Pictures at 5:30pm
    Drinks at 6:00pm
     I have never really been to a wedding and feel a little anxiety about planning my own. My maid of honor is far away and my mom doesn't seem to be into helping me plan. So I feel kinda on my own with the whole thing. All I know is I want everyone to have FUN!
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