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Busy weekend!

I am super excited! This weekend we bought our wedding bands already! My fiance wants to wear his on his right hand until we get married and then switch to the left hand or even buy another band! He is super excited for the ring! I brought my dress home this weekend! I also met my fiances mom, after we have dated for 6 years! We also hung out with a few groomsmen and gave them the ok to do a two person speech since the Best man is extremely shy. Super pumped!!! Next step order BM dresses in September! Big things left: flowers, ceremony music, and cake!

Re: Busy weekend!

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    That's awesome! It's so nice to get stuff done. How'd you go so long without meeting his family?

    FI and I got STDs ordered, got a bunch of stuff at Michaels (ribbon, beads and buttons for 50% off, super happy about that, it was unexpected, went there for one thing I had a coupon for) and I ordered the material for my veil. I also found a alternative to the wire name hangers on pinterest which I'm really happy about even though it will be a more involved DIY project.    
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    Congrats! That's great you've got all that done, and how sweet that your FI is so excited about his ring!
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