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Trash the Dress

Trying to figure this out. My venue is nice- so not sure where these pictures will take place. Input? Or is this just an LA thing?

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  • Trash the Dress normally happens after the wedding (like a week or so later depending on honeymoon plans).  It totally depends on what you are comfy with- from what I know most don't exaclty "trash" it but will dirty it up.  Examples: pics on train tracks, in water etc.  Doesn't matter if your venue is nice.

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  • TTD is something brides do after the wedding, basically have some fun in their gown. This makes for some awesome pictures, but you literally trash your dress. You can do it wherever you want, however you want. Most pictures I have seen involve ladies doing their favorite hobby while in their dress; horseback riding, rock climbing, etc. It is totally up to you whether you want to do this or not.
  • I have never heard of this before.  Interesting.  I don't know if I could do it!  
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    TTD is VERY popular with destination wedding brides.  It's convenient, since most of them take place near the water and they make for absolutely gorgeous pics.  And despite what people think, a wedding dress CAN be cleaned and made to look almost new again after a TTD session - or at least not any dirtier than the hem will be after wearing it all day long on your wedding day.  Most destination brides I've known who have done this have been able to have their dress cleaned and preserved just like anyone else, as long as they stayed away from paint, grease, etc.

    I'm not doing this.  I will save part of the train to make a bonnet for dd's future children and maybe a handkerchief for her wedding.  The rest of my dress will be donated to the Mary Madeline project, once they start taking donations again.  (They're really backlogged the last time I checked.)  I just don't see the point in keeping a dress I'll never wear again, and one that will be out of style when dd gets married.  I'd rather give it to someone who will put it to good use.
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  • I cannot fathom the desire to trash your wedding dress...If I don't end up packing it away for safe keeping, I think I might want to see if it could be dyed, so I could wear it again for other special ocations...Although, if I did rock-climb, that would make some cool pictures...
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