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Can I get a "woohoo!!?!"  Our mom's got ON IT tonight and called up all of our MIA guests and now we're just down to 16 unknowns.  So far we pretty much have a 50% attendance rate which is a little less than we thought we'd have but it's definitely good news for our budget since we'll have to add another 20 meals or so on to the total for vendors.  

SOOOO stoked!

Re: RSVP Woohoo!!

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    Woohoo!! That's so nice of your families! I really disliked contacting everyone who didn't RSVP.

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    20 meals for vendors?!?! I only have 4!

    Good job to your mom for kicking butt!
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    Awesome! Glad people are finally responding, even if they had to be tracked down.
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    wooo! I'm giving my guests until Friday until I start calling (rsvp date has passed)

    and wow 20 vendors? I think I also only have 4
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    Yea we are having the wedding at my parents' house, which is in the middle of nowhere and the vendors include(adding them up as I go):

    Day-of Coordinator, her asst, her intern(3)
    Photographer, his asst(5)
    2 Ceremony musicians(7)
    DJ, his asst(9)
    Catering staff: 1 bartender, 2 buffet servers, 3 wait staff/beverage servers, 1-2 extra(18)

    Oy...since we're having fewer guests we may be able to cut those 1-2 extra members of the wait staff.

    P.S. Britt, these people our parents are calling are super extended family members and their friends that we haven't seen in a decade or haven't met at all.  We decided that whomever was responsible for inviting said guest was responsible for following up with said guest if they didn't have standard RSVP capabilities ;-)
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    Ooh!  I just checked with the caterer and I don't have to pay for the wait staff's meals.  10 vendor meals it is!
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    Nice! You are almost done with it! I only have 1 vendor meal to pay for since the wedding is so tiny. I don't think my photographer even expected it, I had to keep bugging her to get back to me with her meal choice because she would answer every question but that one.

    I'm starting to get really excited about seeing pictures of everyone's weddings!!
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    We only have 2 vendor meals - photographer and DJ!  Although our priest is coming to the reception, but it's not really a vendor meal since we are seating him with my family and I've known him most of my life, haha.
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