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Im going on a trip to miami next week! wahoo..Im a canadian so would love some tips from my american friends :) -  anyone who has been there..where to go where not to go? any tips? :)
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  • I've been once, and it was on a group trip, so I didn't get to make a lot of choices about where we were going and when. We stayed in South Beach, which was lovely. The hotel was pretty much on the beach, and the water was that perfect color of tuquoise you see in the movies and on posters. There was plenty of shopping and dining up and down the main drag. Some people went to the hooka bar there, but that's really not my style. We had some really good cuban food, when to the Gharidelli store and had rediculous sundais. The best part about it was that everything was walking distance. I'm sure there's lots of other really fun stuff to do in the greater Miami area, and I know I would like to go back sometime and explore again. I suggest March and April as the perfect season to go, as it's warm but not too hot, and the humidity hasn't had time to kick in yet. Have fun!
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  • We were there for literally about 18 hours before we left on a cruise.  All I can say is stay away from the Days Inn Civic Center - it's full of roaches.  Ask me how I know that.  *gag*  We ended up switching hotels at 1am to the Hampton Inn Miami Airport West and they were BEYOND amazing.

    As far as things to do/see, I couldn't tell ya.  We ate at McDonald's in the airport when we got there and had the free breakfast at the Hamton Inn before the cruise. 

    Have a fantastic time, though!
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