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April 27, 2013 - tentatively

So my FI and I have finally tentatively set our wedding date after over a year of being engaged. Originally I wanted a fall wedding, but decided the five extra months weren't worth waiting for. I'd love to get married sooner but since I graduate in December, next year will be dedicated to working and getting a place of our own set up. Having a date set and an actual countdown is nice though - it gives me a firm goal to work towards.

As for planning, I've been picking stuff up for the last year as I find it on clearance. My latest deal was about 200 silk flower stems and bushes for $45 from a florist who closed down. Right now I'm pretty much at the point where all I have left to get is FI wedding band, attire, stuff for the reception (food, drinks, tableware, etc.), and the honeymoon. I haven't booked the photographer or venue yet, but considering the photographer is a friend of mine and the venue is the local BSA camp - I won't have too much competition for them Smile

It is nice to see a place where we can get together and plan without other brides constantly harping about "You don't know what you'll want in two years!!1!1" *rolls eyes* I just hope it can stay like this - kind of a retreat from the bigger national boards.
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Re: April 27, 2013 - tentatively

  • I am another April 27th, 2013 bride (I hope)! The reception hall and church both have the date available, so I will probably finalize each booking in the next few days. We just got engaged a few weeks ago, but I figure a lot of girls will get engaged over Christmas so I knew I wanted to have the date set by then.

    There are beautiful magnolia trees outside the church that only bloom for a few weeks, and they should be blooming at the time of our ceremony(-: I'm sure all you other spring brides are as excited as I am! Happy planning!
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  • I am getting married on the same date...April 28th, 2013. I am so excited and cannot wait to marry my fiance'. I wish you all the best with planning :)
  • YAY! I am an April 27, 2013 Bride also! All I have is the dress, venue & the photographer booked :) I can't wait to start getting more done! I wish the best for you all and hope the time between now and then flies by! <3
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