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It's Friday, Friday...

This week has dragged on soooo long for me that I can't believe it's Friday!  Finally!  Any weekend plans?

We are CLOSING ON OUR HOUSE TODAY!!!  That's obviously a big freakin' deal.  We did a final walkthrough last night and it looks amazing and I can't wait to move in!

Tomorrow's a yoga festival downtown that I might go to.  I hurt my neck the other day in my sleep and I still have a considerable amount of pain so...we'll see.  I have a new house to deal with.

Sunday's exciting, too; I just became a big sister with Big Brothers, Big Sisters and my little and I are going on our first outing!  She's almost 13 and really funny.  We're going to see the Dark Knight Rises and I'll probably take her out for a late lunch/early dinner.  

My sister and her two kids are driving up from Texas and should be here Monday, so if I'm scarce next week, you know why!  :)
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Re: It's Friday, Friday...

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    Wooo Hooo! Congrats on house closing tonight!!! I cannot wait to start house hunting, but first we need to figure out what state we will be living in lol.

    This week has been very long for me as well. I was impulsive last night and decided to dye my hair. I have maybe dyed it 4 times before in my life, never in the summer though. So right now I have flaming red hair. I know I am exaggerating slightly, but it is very bright for me. Last time I did it, it was more of a purple hue and I loved it. Oh well, it will hopefully fade quickly lol.

    I don't think I am doing anything tonight, just relaxing. Tomorrow I am babysitting my cousins kids and a bunch of their neighbors so they can all go to some German Fest thing. Sunday I get to see FI after he works his second job and we are going to grill steaks. I want to try and find a good side recipe from Pinterest to make with it.

    That is pretty cool that you are doing to Big Sister thing. You guys will have a great time! have fun with your sisters kids next week!! I hope they don't wear you out too much ;)

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    Happyy Friday!!!!
    Erbear- Congrats!!!!!!

    Tonight FI and I will be going to a friends house they are having a beer olympics. I will participate in the games, but I am not drinking. I get weighed in tomorrow and don't want to drink like that.  I light beer on weight watchers is 4 pts., and I would rather eat those 4 pts then drink them lol.

    Saturday- I am hanging out with my BFF during the day, I haven't seen her because we have been soooo busy. We are going to work on my STDs, and Saturday night FIs brother is an actor so we are going to see his latest play.

    Sunday--I am hoping is relaxing! As on right now nothing is on our calendar.
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  • Congrats, Erbear!!!!!  How exciting!

    Tonight, FI works late, like every Friday.  I think I'm going to take the munchkin to see a movie  - she wants to see Brave.  Tomorrow, I need to put the last of the place back together after dd's birthday and do a little cleaning that I've been neglecting.  (I have rheumatoid arthritis and we've had a bit of rain this week, so it's been rather painful for me to do anything.) 

    Sunday is my nephew's birthday party at one of those indoor bouncy house places. They live near a casino that just opened a branch of Paula Deen's restaurant, which is who we're considering for our rehearsal dinner in Savannah.  I'm trying to convince FI to stop there for dinner after the party to do a little "wedding research." lol  I need to check and make sure they have an entrance seperate from the casino, though, since dd is nowhere near old enough to be in a casino. 

    I received the envelopes & supplies to make our rehearsal dinner invites so I need to get going on that.  Maybe I can squeeze it in at some point. 
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  • Congrats Erbear :-) 

    So I got an email from someone at The Knot last night that I won a gift card to Macy's!  I was really excited about it but they asked for a LOT of personal info.  I haven't given that info up yet because I want to do a little more research and find out if all of that is really necessary.  I'm concerned about identity theft, etc.  It all seems legit so far with the exception of how much personal info they need.  I will probably spend a lot of time on the phone today verifying all of this.

    Tonight I'm going to watch the Opening Ceremonies....yay THE OLYMPICS!!!!  <3

    I'm watching one of my BM's two dogs this weekend so it'll be a mellow one for me.  Laying out with another BM tomorrow morning then going to a meetup event for lunch and shopping and making up some work on Sunday.

    Have fun everyone!!
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    Yay erbear! Congrats! I'm hoping to watch a bit of the Olympics tonight and shop a bit as well. Tomorrow I have a family reunion alllll day, then Sunday I'm going to a fair with my FI, my best friend from high school and her boyfriend. Should be a good weekend.

  • That is so exciting about the house erbear!  I am beyond jealous.  FI, DD and I are moving to a smaller but closer to NYC apt soon and I am dreading it.  Stupid commuting.

    Today is my mom's birthday so we are doing dinner.  Then we FI, DD and I are going down the shore.  I am hoping it will be late enough to miss traffic.

    Saturday we are going to the beach and then FI and FFIL are playing bagpipes at a block party.

    Sunday we are going to Philly for a friends BBQ.  He has daughters around DD's age and is setting up a sprinkler so it should be fun!
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  • Congrats on the house, erbear! The yoga festival sounds awesome too!

    Tomorrow I'll do my weekly 5km race in my local park in the morning, then watch some of the Olympic rowing (I LOVE rowing!) online, as we don't have a TV. I'll spend some of Saturday preparing for an upcoming conference, too.

    The past week has been good but busy. I was actually in London Wednesday and Thursday visiting with some friends who are in the UK on vacation, and the city was buzzing! It's going to be a good Olympics!
  • Oooooh....... I forgot all about the olympics!  Dd wants to watch the gymnastics and swimming.  I need to find a  listing of when these things are coming on so I can record them if we're not going to be around.
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  • ChiGirl, I can give you a million better restaurants in Savannah than Paula's place.  FI and I went there and got horribly sick AND the food wasn't all that great.  :(
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  • I don't work fridays!  (Yay!)

    I do work Saturdays! (boo)  But tomorrow after work my mom and sister and I are driving back to Lincoln to pick between my top two choices and order my wedding dress.  Sunday we have a bridal show to go to.  Downside being that I have to work at 2am on Sunday in order to be off in time for the show.  Ah well.

    In the mean time, more venue searches.

    In non-wedding news, waiting for gymnastics at the olympics.  Heard back about a job application I put out, but they won't interview until late August.  Waiting game time.
  • Erbear- Congrats!

    Today is going to be spent cleaning my apartment and shopping since tomorrow is my birthday and we will probably have a bunch of people over after we go out to dinner and the bars. In wedding related news, my feathers came in. I put together my birdcage veil and fascinator and am working on my feather bouquet.  
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  • Sounds like everyone has exciting plans for the weekend. Erbear-congrats on the house!!

    I am going back home this weekend for my little sister's birthday party. It is princess themed (she's 21 going on 5), and I've been assigned Rupenzel, so I have to dress up like her. It should be fun :)
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  • Congrats erbear on the house!  I'm jealous, I wish we were there right now, but with me finishing grad school, work, pt work and oh yeah planning the wedding, it would be so much.  I swear I am always so jealous of your checks, we have the same date and I feel so behind. 
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_april-2013-weddings_its-friday-friday?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding Club BoardsForum:820178d7-4f43-4671-bcab-c5c2c01eef1eDiscussion:c56862e8-1a24-4ca9-8123-9b7cea5784fcPost:480552bf-d379-473e-8066-069c80d3042f">Re: It's Friday, Friday...</a>:
    [QUOTE]ChiGirl, I can give you a million better restaurants in Savannah than Paula's place.  FI and I went there and got horribly sick AND the food wasn't all that great.  :(
    Posted by erbear84[/QUOTE]

    The problem we have is that our rehearsal dinner will only be about 15 people.  To reserve a private room, most places want you to guarantee (and pay for) a minimum of 25, and I'm not about to pay for 10 people who won't even be there.  Any restaurant would take us, but we'd be stuck in the main dining room, where it's loud and crowded and nobody will be able to hear anything we say.  We want something a bit more private.  The hotel where we have our room block has a room we can use and we were going to have Lady & Sons cater it there so we can have our privacy.

    Our other problem is that we want something informal and laid back.  Our wedding is already informal and I don't want the RD to outshine the actual wedding reception.  We considered Moon River Brewery, but we'd be stuck in the basement and it would be considerably more pricey than catering something in to the meeting room at the hotel.

    I'd love some recommendations, and hopefully they won't be booked.  April is THE busiest month in Savannah and even when we were looking 2 months ago, a lot of places were already booked.  Since our wedding is on a Sunday, the RD is on Saturday - and that's the big day for all the typical celebrations.  But if you have ideas, I'd love to hear them.  Maybe I'll find something we haven't thought about.  Oh, and it has to be family-friendly and no stairs/have an elevator to accommodate a wheelchair.
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    Wow. Such exciting weekends! My brother and his friend stayed over Fri and Sat nights on their way back to KY from out west. So we went out to eat a few times, played disc golf and watched The Olympics a lot.

    Today I'm stalking TK for wedding stuff and FI is out playing golf with his buds.

    Congrats on the new house! Pretty exciting! Is it in great condition where hopefully you don't have to do much to it for a long while?
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  • I can AW the house maybe today, haha.  It's good great bones but definitely needs updating.  The people that lived there didn't modernize it or really keep up with it much - they had three kids.  My bathroom is really out of date and the carpet is ancient in the living room, dining room, hallways, and stairs.  But, FI and I ripped up some corners of carpet and found hardwood underneath the dining room and hallways, but we don't think the living room has it.  Boo.  Now we're deciding if we should pay someone to rip it up or try it on our own - a problem given his lung disease and my asthma.

    Savannah...well, we pretty much eat our way through Savannah so I know a lot of yummy places!  The first one that came to mind was the Pirate House,  The Olde Pink House always looks amazing but we've never stopped in.  Huey's on river street is a favorite of ours, and Tubby's next door is always busy.  We also really dig Rocks on the River on River.  Moon River Brewing Co is surprisingly very family friendly, too.  Six Pence and Churchill's Pub are also nice.  

    And while you're there, try your hardest to eat at Zunzi's.  It's a little hole in the wall sandwich shop but it is AMAZING.  Same with Lulu's Chocolate Bar!  Not RD appropriate but they're probably my two favorite places in all of Savannah....aside from Leopold's.  Sigh.
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