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April 2013 Weddings

To vail or not to vail?

I'm thinking of not wearing a vail at all. Is that uncommon?

Re: To vail or not to vail?

  • You don't have to wear one. I'm wearing a tophat instead.
  • *veil.  Yup, I am. I just love the look of veils- really completes the bridal look to me. But, I also have a small head, so it helps fluff me up haha!
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  • I won't be wearing a veil either. It doesn't matter and I think it's just as common either way nowadays.
  • You don't have to.  I love them as well and will be wearing mine the whole wedding (ceremony and reception) when else will I get to wear one?  I will just wear it around the house after the wedding when I am feeling nostalgic - :P
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  • In Response to Re: To vail or not to vail?:
    [QUOTE]You don't have to.  I love them as well and will be wearing mine the whole wedding (ceremony and reception) when else will I get to wear one?  I will just wear it around the house after the wedding when I am feeling nostalgic - :P
    Posted by adawn1981[/QUOTE]

    This is how I felt- I'll be leaving mine in the whole time too unless it itches me or something! But I see brides w/o veils a lot now, with either a flower or hair piece instead. It's just as pretty!
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  • I am wearing a veil!  I will decide after my hair trial depending on how it is placed if I will wear for longer then the cermony and a few pictures.

  • I'm not wearing one. I was too worried about it blowing on the beach and I've never really liked them anyway. I think it's becoming more common for women to use hair flowers or pretty hair clips instead.

  • Originally I didn't want one but I decided to wear one for the ceremony just to get my FMIL and mom to hush.  I will take it off after the ceremony.  It's just a very simple sheer, ivory fingertip veil that I got for $50 off of Etsy.

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  • I'm wearing one. I'm taking it off for the reception though just because I'm afraid it will be in the way. it's a little bit of a waste as it was way more than I initially wanted to spend, but it was the PERFECT veil for me so I just had to go for it.

    But, not weird at all if you don't want one. Do whatever makes you feel the most bridelike :)
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  • I was adament that I was not wearing a veil.  And I went ahead and got my dress and planned everything without one.  During my first fitting, I grabbed a veil that was in the fitting room with me and put it on my head.  I FEEL IN LOVE.  It just made everything so much more bridal.

    I am only wearing it for the ceremony.
  • I'm planning on wearing a birdcage veil. I may wear it throughout the reception, too. I'm going for vintage (lace dress, finger waves, red lips), so the bird cage will fit in so well. Plus, I love them! When am I ever going to get to wear a veil again? Though honestly, I might start wearing fascinators and stuff and try to bring them back into style.

    I think it's fine if you don't want to wear one. I always thought I would NEVER wear a veil, but then I saw the birdcage and knew I had to wear it. To each her own!
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  • I have a cathedral length veil but it's so ceremony only.... After I am switching to a lace flower hair clip
  • At first I was not going to wear one. Then when we went looking for dresses I was trying them on and fell in love. I felt it added to the dress and completed my look. I did not buy the one I had on in the bridal store. I purchased one off of etsy. Its a catherdral length veil that looks exactly like the one I tried on in the store. It was much cheaper in price and the qualilty is great :)
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  • I will be wearing a single layer veil for the ceremony only. My aunt and mother are making it for me :)
  • I was unsure of a veil too, but over the summer davids bridal had their semi annual sale and I just happen to be browsing accesories-found the PERFECT one to match my dress I love it! And it was only $25 down from $80, couldnt pass it up.
    I am still undecided if I will wear it during the reception or not. I am looking for a cute sparkly clip to put in its place just in case.
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