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We are getting married 4/20/13 and our colors are dark purple and silver... For my flowers I was thinking of having my bouquet as dark purple roses with white calalies but then have the girls carry white calalies with purple in the inside. What are your thoughts?
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    Im doing calla lilies as my theme so of course I dont want any other flowers other than that.. Im a 4/6/2013 bride. I found my flowers on sams club website but Im going to have to possibly go to a Costco (which is about 2 1/2 hrs away from me) to get my calla lilies in yellow because sams club only sells them in white but if you are looking for white calla lilies and you have a sams club I know they are selling 150 stems for $170. Someone told me about Costco selling them in some other colors for about the same price but I havent checked that out just yet.
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