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April 6, 2013

Hi everyone, this is my first post! My fiancé and I got engaged on November 29, 2010. We're planning our wedding for April 6, 2013. I’m so excited! I’m glad to see other brides planning weddings around that same time; it makes me feel a lot better about starting to plan so far in advance. When my fiancé and I first picked the date, a lot of our friends and family thought we were crazy to get engaged and wait that long to get married But oh well...The reason we are waiting is because my fiancé and I want to be completely done with college before we get married. If everything lands the way we plan, my fiancé should be graduating from culinary school a month before the wedding and I should be done with nursing school around that same time! We’ve done a little planning; so far we’ve picked our venue and it’s going to be at the Tuckahoe Mansion in Jensen Beach. My mother owns a restaurant and a cake business so we have the catering and cake figured out as well. But as far as everything else; linens, centerpieces, and the other little details...I have no idea yet. I’m not sure if I should be hiring a wedding planner to help me with everything? Well I can't wait to start sharing ideas with all the other April 2013 brides!

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    HaHAhaHA!!! Mayb we all ought to get together and celebrate our anniversaries together one yr, lol!! J/K! Im a 4/6/13 Bride 2!!! Dont feel too bad. My fiance and I have been engaged since Sept 2010. I had at first planned on having our wedding April 2012 but we got preggo with baby #3 so we decided to set the date a little further (I was actally wanting to set it all the way to April 2014 but my mom and fiance hated the idea). So anyway, we decided on April 6th because that was the only date we could pick to marry (on a sat). April 13 (didnt want to celebrate anniversaries on the 13th) April 20 is my fiance sister b-day (and she is a bridesmaid, couldnt do that) and April 27... the 27th was the day I married my ex-husband (in other words, no further explanation needed!!!) I really wanted to get married in April because of the tame weather (even though my mother warns April showers May flowers, May is just 2 d*mn hot for me).  
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    We got engaged in Feb of this year and have picked April 6, 2013 as our date. We have been questioned why we are waiting so long. I don't think 14 months is too long to be engaged. Of course, I had to ask Google to make sure this wasn't Easter weekend! Congrats to all the other lovely brides who will share this special day Cool
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    well, April 6th it is for  me...We got engaged on 2/14/12 of course couldnt wait to plan.. and people do ask why are you planning so early but, we have to pay for it ourselves since we are the over 40 crowd!! our 2nd wedding for us both, but since we both agree we made a 'mistake' the first time, we want to have 1 day we can concentrate on ourselves and have a day for ourselves. we have been together 3 years and now we will have a true anniversery date.. soemthing about saying my hubby instead of my boyfriend sure does make me smile...... of course we coordnated with the kids activities and found this date to be perfect!!!  : )

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    Congrats! My wedding is April 6th also :) Hope we have beautiful weather here in PA
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    Congrats April 6, 2013 is my wedding day also. We got engaged in Dec 2011 our family friends also looked at us crazy also for waiting so long. The time flew by. Now we are all 10days away from the Best Day of our life! I also started planning January 2012! Best Wishes to all of the April 6th Brides! Hoping for Great weather here in NC!
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