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April 2013 Weddings

The Nest?

Is anyone on here planning to take this party over to The Nest after our weddings?  We can keep in touch on the anniversary board they have :-D

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Re: The Nest?

  • I was thinking I would! Talking about adjusting to married life and what comes next for all of us seems fun :

  • I probably will!! I'm officially hooked here :)
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  • I was thinking about it, but sometimes the married ladies on these boards are kinda mean.  i'm almost afraid to see if the nest is the same way.
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  • I vote we all just stay here on this board. They don't delete them after April has passed, and even postwedding we're still gonna be the April 2013 ladies... I've heard the Nest, has some notsonice members.
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  • I probably will...... Can't see staying here after the wedding..... Unlike some other members will 20 thousand posts! Seriously and they are NASTY in the name of etiquette.....
  • I've considered going to the Nest. It seems more appropriate, and I do think that they delete the month boards here after a while (ok admittedly it seems it will take a while as they still have the Jan 2011 board listed, but still). If there's an anniversary month board on the Nest I don't see what the problem would be.
  • I don't think they delete the month boards, I think they remove them from the list. But because it is our home board it will always be available to us.

    I won't be going to the nest, if anything I'd just lurk. While I do think some of the posters on TK are mean, I don't think that just because they are married they should leave. They have already experienced what we are going through right now and I have  learned an awful lot from them. Who better to get advice from - someone who has never done it, or someone who has? That is the way I look at it.
  • I'll probably go to The Nest...I think I'll be sick of looking at wedding stuff at that point :-P  Even just TK homepage but who knows.  A few of my friends want me to plan their weddings so I guess this will be the gift that keeps on giving, haha.

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  • I will probably lurk on the Nest, but if you girls are still on ill keep posting on here. :)
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  • I will probably haunt The Knot for a while as well. I haven't even looked at The Nest, but may check it out :)
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    So ready to bring our families together and PARTY on April 13th, 2013!
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    Reply requested by March 23.
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