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december engagment pictures - sorry kind of long.

Hey ALL,
Im doing engagement pictures in december and am trying to think of some cute ideas. I posted this on my local board and they suggest going to our local skating rink/ the big christmas tree that we have downtown... my photographer suggest something similar so wed start at 5pm... any other ideas you ladies have?  I'm also not 100% i want to start to late at night and miss the morning light shots...
I think the christmas lights could be pretty unique though... any thoughts?

Re: december engagment pictures - sorry kind of long.

  • Do you have any favorite places? What about a downtown area with nice decorations? If you typically have a good snowfall then, you could probably get some great ones at a local park or something.
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  • It is actually downtown : here is a picture  ... http://ppgplace.com/rink
  • looks beautiful
    have you tried googling engagement photos at this spot? i did it for my location and found other couples who did their e. photos at my location and I got some ideas of shots I really liked 
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  • FI and I took some of our photos  at night. Some of them are my favorite shots of our e-pics.... Although we do have a lot in the day light... the night time shots add something different and allows the photographer to really use their skills. We even used sparklers in some of our night time shots!
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