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First WR Weird Dream

 I tend to have really weird intricate dreams right before "that time of the month." It feels like they are real even though absolutely nothing makes sense at all. Last night I dreamed that my wedding was June 2, 2012 (and in my dream, that was the date) and I didnt realize it until that afternoon. I didn't have time to do my hair or makeup so I looked like I do in this really awful middle school picture that my mom likes to pull out to embarrass me. I rushed to the venue, and realized that I hadn't done invitations, so I hurried up and sent them out so people would show up.. that same evening.. After the ceremony, which I somehow skipped over in my dream, I was rushing around trying to find people that could act as DJ/Photog since they didnt show up. My friend said she would take pictures but we had to take a ladder (?!?) to the second floor of the venue to get it. When we got back, I couldn't find my bridal party, who were dressed in really ugly red and blue dresses (maybe because I was looking up July 4 desserts right before bed?) Then I realized everyone was finishing up their food, and I hadn't had a chance to taste the crabcakes. =[
I think its because I havent done ANYTHING WR in a few weeks, since I'm just trying to finish out this block of classes. How scary! Has anyone else had weird WR dreams yet? From other boards they seem pretty common but normally seem to happen right before the wedding.

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    Haha I went through a stretch of weird WR dreams last month...I was running late to my wedding in most of them.  My nails needed done or my hair or makeup.  I was wearing my dress that I love in all of them, though!  
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    I haven't had any WR dreams yet... knock on wood lol. I am sure I will when it gets closer.
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    [QUOTE]I haven't had any WR dreams yet... knock on wood lol. I am sure I will when it gets closer.
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    Same here!
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    Haha that's so interesting! I haven't had any WR dreams. Last night I dreamt I was pregnant though, yikes.

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    Haha! NO WR dreams so fare either. Knock on wood too:)

    Hope if i do get Wd dreams though it will not be frightening but some good ones! looool 
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