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AW: Best day ever!

I just have to share my excitement! First, today was my last day of waking up at 3am for work, which in itself could have made it the best day ever. But then I checked my grades from this semester, and with all four of my methods classes, and my final practicum, I got straight As! I usually get an A- or so, and this is the first ever semester I've actually had full straight As! We also booked the officiant that we wanted, and THEN I checked my email, and (finally) got my student teaching placement in my first choice district for fall!!! Ahhh I'm so excited!
In a year, I will be finishing up my first semester of grad school, have a better job, and be living on our own with my husband! amazing.

Re: AW: Best day ever!

  • congrats! what an exciting day!

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  • Congrats!  What will you be teaching?  I teach elementary...well, I substitute.  Jobs here are hard to get.
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    [QUOTE]Congrats!  What will you be teaching?  I teach elementary...well, I substitute.  Jobs here are hard to get.
    Posted by erbear84[/QUOTE]

    I'm going to be in a fourth grade classroom, older elementary is my favorite! I am going to get my master's in special education though, since that is where my heart is. And I'm already scared to graduate and start looking for jobs, but I figure I'll definately be able to get a better job than I have now, whether it is in the public schools or more of a daycare setting. Right now I'm making jack lol
  • I think that is so wonderful! You worked hard and it all s paying off! What a wonderful future and life. Congrats on your great grades, your open door for your job and a blessed marriage and wedding coming up. Life is good! 
  • What an amazing day!  Congrats!
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    That is awesome, I am so happy for you!
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