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FOCCUS test by the church

I was all excited this morning when my fiance and I woke up and went to the church to book the date of our wedding, we had booked the reception hall last week.  The woman at the rectory told us we should have never done that because if we fail the FOCCUS test that the church makes us take we would have to cancel the wedding.  I had no idea we had to take a test of any sort and now my fiance who gets stressed about tests is freaking out.

Now that I've read about the test online a little bit I understand what the test is for and I'm not scared to take it, but I thought the woman working at the rectory was really rude about it and kinda mean.  She turned a lovely and exciting moment into something totally negative.  Pretty much telling us we are gonna fail--she even said "It would be a shame if you had to cancel and lose your deposit!"
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