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April 2013 Weddings

Hello April 2013 Knotties!!

Hi!! Im Sara! My fiancé Adam and I have been planning this wedding for two years already (and set two dates) but it seems like something comes up everytime. We have finally decided on April 2012. We will both finish college in December, so it gives us a few months to get settled in. Both of our parents seem to be on board, and my fiancé is even getting pretty excited about planning! I just wanted to introduce myself and see where everyone is in planning. We've narrowed it down to two venues.

Re: Hello April 2013 Knotties!!

  • Welcome Welcome Sara! I am Jamie and my fiance and I are planning our wedding for April 13th 2013, we aren't able to book anything until this April but we are pretty dead set on where we want our wedding and reception. We are really excited! Jeremy actually just got out Save the Dates in the mail today! (I am at work currently) so I am really excited to start sending them out!!!!!!
  • Congrats and welcome!!!
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  • vk2204vk2204
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    Congratulations and welcome! I am a 4-13-13 bride!

    Which of your 2 venues are you leaning towards?

    All my FI and I have planned so far is ceremony, venue and we know what photog we want, just not which package yet. Also, we want the color green. We need to start thinking about the little details soon because time has been flying by!

    What do you guys have planned so far? Anything you don't want, or must have?
  • One of the venues is a country club, but from the pictures it just seems a little to dark for a spring wedding and I am having a hard time thinking of a good color scheme to match. The other place is a little more expensive, but still manageable and it has a much better feel. Its a restaurant that will be off season so we could rent it. I have so many ideas but I don't want to decide on anything until I've picked the venue, which will hopefully be booked by April
  • Must have some activity other than dancing because I dont want people sitting at their table bored if they don't like to dance. My fiancé doesnt want anyone standing with us during the ceremony. Not sure if that's what we will do or not yet
  • Congratulations! and welcome..enjoy planning and share all the details :-)
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  • In Response to Re: Hello April 2013 Knotties!!:
    [QUOTE]Hi ladies! Fellow April 2013 bride here - april 12,2013. So far we only have the venue booked and are just getting into the planning looking forward to sharing with you all!
    Posted by clovester[/QUOTE]

    Welcome! and Congrats to you as well!
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  • Hello Everyone! We just got engaged about 3 weeks ago and  booked our date yesterday- April 6th 2013! I can't wait to start really getting into planning! Congrats to everyone!
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  • Hey fellow April 2013 knotties first of all Congrats to you all! We have just selected our date and have our venue in mind and are in the process to book our date.Looking forward to share our experience with you all my fellow knoties. By the way can i tell you all i just loveeeee our date. Its so much fun! All the best and congrats to everyone!

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  • Congrats!!!! Cant wait to share details with u all!!!
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  • we booked our ceremony site but not reception site yet
  • Hello all! 
    I booked my venue. April 6, 2013. So excited. I've been planning, planning, planning and have lots to do. We are paying for our wedding ourselves and unfortuantely it's a little of a struggle. But I am determined to have a nice wedding so the search is on for the best deals. 
    I have booked my venue. A beautiful country club which will have the ceremony in one area and the reception in another.
    I booked my cake appointment.
    I have my officiant. 
    Chose my colors and started looking for favors. 
    I have my wedding party picked out. 
    I sent out my engagement announcements.
    I ordered my Save the Date cardss.
    I designed my invites.
    I picked out my wedding song. 
    I bought our rings.
    I hope I am on track. 
    Ever have the feeling you are forgetting stuff??
    Would love input

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