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Help with reception songs

I don't plan on dictating what our DJ plays all night but I did want to have some fun, dancable suggestions to provide him with. I of course procrastinated on making my list and now I'm drawing a blank.  Can you list 2-3 of you favorite songs to dance to, current music or otherwise.  I know not everyone shares the same taste in music but I love a pretty wide array of genres so I'm open to a lot of suggestion.

And no I don't trust my DJ fully.  I hate to say it but it was the one thing my fiance put his foot down on - the guy is a family friend's son and he has a legit DJ business but he's new, he's very young and is use to catering to middle school dances (cringe!).  But he insisted and I wasn't going to fight about it so that's why I would like at least a few songs to take and say "please play some/all of these"!
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Re: Help with reception songs

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    Mumford and sons-- i will wait <-- super cute song, more of a dinner one though, since its not slow enough or fast enough for dancing! :)

    Now im drawing a blank! haha! but thats one that i told my dj i wanted at dinner. Im pretty sure i gave him a list of like 15 to ply at dinner, so we dont have the boring "string" music that plays at most :) just in case you forgot about it, which im sure youve got it covered lol
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    I am a lover of the choreographed dances lol; so Gangnam Style, Dougie, cupid shuffle are on our list. We will have Party Rock Anthem, Moves like Jagger, How low can you go by Luda, Apple Bottom Jeans. FI wants to have some Drop Kick Murphys, and H2o songs too.
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    Here ar a few songs from our playlist:
    1. Jump around-house of pain
    2. Your Love-Outfield
    3. Thrift shop-Macklemore (clean version)
    4. Don't stop believing-Journey
    5. The Wobble
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    Some newer songs, like I feel So Close (Calvin Harris)
    Fitz and the Tantrums - More than just a dream
    Capital Cities- Safe and Sound

    Toto- Africa
    California Love- 2pac
    oldies!! So many fun oldies songs that people know and sing to- just google oldies and weddings and they'll pop up, such as:
     Spiral Staircase, Love you more than tomorrow
    everlasting love
    beach boys
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    Here are some of ours:

    Then                                                       Brad PaisleyThe Way I Am                                      Ingrid MichaelsonThe Luckiest                                        Ben FoldsTutti-Frutti                                           Little RichardCome Away With Me                          Norah JonesParadise by the Dashboard Light     MeatloafNever Gonna Give You Up  Rick AstleyThe Way You Look Tonight              Frank Sinatra American Pie                                       Don McClean
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