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Happy, Happy! Joy, Joy!

It is finally Friday! The week seemed too long to me.

Share your weekend plans with us!

Re: Happy, Happy! Joy, Joy!

  • vk2204vk2204 member
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    Today: I am working until 3:30. Then I am going to go home, relax for a little bit and then go to my cousins house for a sleep over. She has 3 of the most amazing children ever, I used to babysit them before I got my job and I am so unbelievably excited to see them!

    Tomorrow: One of the kids is making her first communion, so while they are all at church I am going to be setting up their house to get the food ready for everyone. I am looking forward to spending time with my family! Then after I will probably go to the bar to celebrate my birthday.

    Sunday: I get to see Fi finally today, so I don't care what we do lol.

  • Happy belated birthday vk! I have a nice relaxing weekend ahead of me.

    Today: No work!!  I am going to go suprise-visit my grandmother later, and then I am having dinner with my brother. I'm asking him to be in the wedding party, but I want him to stand on my side, so idk how he will feel about that..

    Tomorrow: I haven't seen my mom for awhile so we are having a girls day and getting our nails done. FI got a coupon from zales, so we might go look at some wedding rings when he gets off, just to see if we like anything.

    Sunday: I have to work all day, but right after work we are leaving to go to the beach for three days!! Yayyayyay!

  • FI and I are having a date night at a Go Cart place and then off to see my brother perform in a comedy show. Tomorrow, I'm going to a friend's bridal shower in the morning. In the afternoon, I'm meeting up with my friends to play paintball. Sunday, I intend to just sit on my butt but I'm sure I'll end up doing chores.
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  • is a holiday here in Brazil, so my fiance and I will travel to a country house with our families so that they can know each other and get closer!!
    But today I'll work until 6 pm ...

  • Thanks, svan! I am jealous that you don't have work today!

    sleepy - have fun tonight! I love go karting!

    Lari - what holiday is it today?

    And I am just full of nicknames today.
  • Have a good weekend ladies!!!

    Tonight: after work I am going to go to another bikram yoga class!

    Saturday: I want to get an early morning run in (on top of the yoga, i started the c25k app. with the goal of running a 5k in july, and the weather has been rainy to run outside so I need to get two more runs in this week to complete my week 2) I also have a baby shower to attend, and then hopefully relaxing.

    Sunday: Freee! which I am kind of excited about because the first weekend in May I have something to do both sat. and sun!

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  • Today: I am working a half day then going to a wedding tonight.  One of FI's law school friends.

    Tomorrow: We fly to OK really early and I get to see college friends.

    Sunday: it is my MOH's DD's 1st birthday party

    I am including Monday since I took a long weekend -- I get to go bridesmaid dress shopping with my MOH and I am so excited!

    Everyone's plans sound like so much fun!
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  • GinaV0822GinaV0822 member
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    I'm still in Minnesota for work.  Been here since last Saturday and not going home til Monday.  I used to live here so this weekend I am going to see some friends and endulge in a few cocktails!! I think I'm also going to the casino to play a little poker and make some money for the wedding fund.  Because that IS what happens at the casino right??  Wish me luck!  

    Happy weekend everyone!
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  • I'd doing way too much this weekend.  It's full of free art shows, charity events, and hopefully registering at BB&B!  I'm hinting to my FI he should take me to see The Five Year Engagement tonight, too.  ;)
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  • Today I'm working until 7.... But straight from work, we are meeting one of my BM's at the venue to officially book our day!!!!!! And give the deposit.... So excited. Saturday: Me, mom BM have cake consultation and were going to Michaels, to get som stuff for centerpieces!!!! Sunday: cleaning my house
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  • I have a sick munchkin here, so all my plans just got flushed down the toilet for this weekend.  :-(   However, if things had gone according to plan....

    Today is a bridal event at the jewelry store where I found the solitaire enhancer I want for my wedding ring.  Was kind of looking forward to going, because their custom jewelry maker is going to be there and the enhancer doesn't fit my oval solitaire very well.  I wanted to get his opinion on making that enhancer work with my e-ring.

    Tomorrow was going to be a trip to the indoor bouncy place with dd and then some spring cleaning/Craigslist posting/ebay listing. 

    Sunday would be our usual family day together but we hadn't decided what we wanted to do.  I think it had involved a BBQ out back and some s'mores.  I guess we can still do that.  :-)
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    [QUOTE]Thanks, svan! I am jealous that you don't have work today! sleepy - have fun tonight! I love go karting! Lari - what holiday is it today? And I am just full of nicknames today.
    Posted by vk2204[/QUOTE]

    Hi! <img src="http://cdn.cl9.vanillaforums.com/downloaded/ver1.0/content/scripts/tinymce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-smile.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" title="Smile" />

    <span><span class="hps alt-edited">actually the holiday it's not today ... It'll  be on Tuesday, and because of that, the next monday we'll be free from work (some companies gives us one more day to rest)!!!
    In Brazil on May 1th is like the labor day to you ...
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