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Are you guys going to havee a makeup person?
What about a trial run?
Air bruhed or no?
Same person for hair?

Re: Makeup

  • I decided to have an onsite makeup and hair stylist the day of the wedding. She will be coming to us at the hotel we are staying at. I am having my trial in a month (I decided to have it done when we take our e-pics, so I am excited for that!) It is airbrush. My makeup person does only makeup, but she recc. someone for hair that she knows. I am still shopping around for a hairstylist!

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  • I am getting my makeup done professionally.  I already had a trial.  Not doing airbrush but am doing fake lashes.  I am using a different person for hair, my regular girl.  They are both traveling to me the day of.
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  • I will be doing professional makeup on my wedding day.  Not sure who I'm using - my cousin will do my hair because she's amazing but I'm not sure about makeup yet.  Whomever it is will have to come to my venue day of because I know my mom wants her makeup done, too, and I'm sure some of my BMs will as well.  I'm interested in airbrush makeup, but haven't made a decision yet. 
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  • I will be getting my hair and makeup professionally done by the same company, they are a mobile bridal hair and makeup company actually that mostly do bridal make up on location. I'll be doing my trial in the fall with my epics. Not airbrushing and I won't be using fake lashes either

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  • dileniN  what company did you end up going with?
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