April 2013 Weddings

Finally have a day!

We're in a long distance realtionship. Have been for the almost 4 years of our relationship, so it's so hard to chose an actual date. We got married Jan. 16 of this year & we picked out 10/11/12 soon afterward. But then we came to the realization that we probably wouldn't be settled by then [we still have to move to be together, figure out exactly where we want to live, move there & then begin planning a wedding]. So we let it go for a while & recently began talking about it again & today finally decided on a realistic, final date!

April 23, 2013 :]
We first met online in Sept 07 & met in person for the first time on April 23, 2008.
We love that time of year and that day has special meaning to us. I'm so glad that we finally have a day to look forward to and tell people.
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