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April 13th it is!

Hi everyone, I got engaged on December 17th and thought I was going to be getting married in June of 2013. After visiting some halls we quickly decided that April 2013 is our day. I am so excited to have the date SET!! :) Ready to discuss colours, planning etc etc with you all!

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Re: April 13th it is!

  • Yayy! Me too! What colors are you thinking for your wedding and where is it all taking place?
  • Congratulations and welcome to the board!!

    I am 4-13-13 too! What planning have you done so far?
  • I have contacted my church and they are available and i put a deposit on the hall this morning!! :)

    as for colours i have no idea....i like blue but i also like purple....im trying to find something that will look good on all my bridesmaids as well....

    what colours are you ladies looking at??

    my wedding is in Toronto
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  • I want green to be the main color for my wedding. But I am not too keen on green BM dresses. I haven't seen any that would look good on everyone. I would actually like black dresses with a green sash/flowers/something, but my FI doesn't like that idea... but I am good at persuading him haha.

    I would LOVE to have a very light/pale green wedding dress though!
  • I am doing Pewter and Malibu! I was gonna do black dresses with the blue sash but I like gray better soooo I changed haha. I kinda love being the bride!
  • congratulations!!! alot of april 13th brides on here!
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  • Congrats!!!! Happy planning!
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  • I got engaged 12-25-11 and we set our date for 4-13-13 as well.  We are even getting married at 13 hundred hours...lol! 
  • Yay I'm not alone! We got engaged 1-2-2012 and decided on 4-13-13. He loves the number 13, go figure lol

  • I'm also getting married on 4-13-13 even though my mom said that eventually our wedding anniversary would be on Friday the 13th ooh! Well I think it's lucky!
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    Hi Rose!

    Wow, we got engaged the same night. Congratulations! Best of luck planning.  What idead you got so far??? =)

  • thats awesome..it was a beautiful day here the 17th :)
    i found a colour that i love...by davids bridal its called peacock blue..its a mix of a greenish blue colour..i love it i think it will be different....thinking of maybe matching it with nude shoes for the bridesmaids...

    where are you ladies at
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  • faeppsfaepps member
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    I got engaged May 11th and our wedding date is set for April 13th. Going to pick out my gown next Saturday and my wedding flowers the 1st Saturday in June.Smile
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