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Non Floral Altar Decorations

I need a few ideas!

I'm not into floral arrangements at the altar, I want something a little more spunky!
There is a pretty large raised platform with an altar. LOTS of possibilites for altar decorations. I can use pedestals or  have something thats tall and needs to sit on the floor.
Off the top of my head, I can't recall what the no-no's regarding decorating are, but throw me your ideas anyhow!

Really high vaulted ceilings -- so I for sure cannot hang anything.

I'm down for using silk flowers as "accents" but no more flowers than that!


Re: Non Floral Altar Decorations

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    Have you checked with your church?  My church has a rule that only real flowers are allowed on the alter, but I am not sure if the means no other decorations besides flowers.  I would check with your church before spending too much time making something first.

    What are your colours/theme, that could help with an idea for decorations...  Personally I love branches with gems hanging from them or twinkle lights.
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    I second the branches idea or maybe could you incorporate candles somehow?

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    Fruit/vegetables, christmas balls, feathers, paper or fabric flowers, candles, trees, leaves, wheat. There's a lot of non-floral centerpiece ideas that could be adapted to altar pieces.
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    I think a candle arrangement, if possible, would be lovely, with candles of different heights and sizes, either all in one colour or with one main colour and an accent. Something simple along those lines would be my vote! :)
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