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Getting your hair done!

Ok ladies -  I need a hair cut.  Just a trim and relayering the mess that is on my head right now.  I always dye my hair myself, but I am never crazy about the color.  I think I am going to shell out the big bucks and get my hair dyed professionally when I get it cut this time.  I have 23 days left until the wedding and my hair grows fast - I don't want major roots at my wedding.  When do you suggest getting my hair dyed/cut before the wedding?  When I dye it myself it turns brassy for about 5 days, not sure if a salon can make it a great color with no brassiness right away or not.

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Re: Getting your hair done!

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    The salon should be able to take care of the brasiness.  I would go two weeks in advance in the event you need them to alter the color if you don't like it.  I'm personally going 3 1/2 weeks in advance b/c my hair doesn't grow that quickly and it's right before my bridal shower and the last week I'm in town and can go to someone I trust.  Good luck!

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    I'm thinking I'll get my hair trimed and highlighted about 10 days before. My hair grows fast as well.

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    I'm getting my hair cut and colored this Saturday and my wedding is the 13th so 2 weeks exactly
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    I just got my hair trimmed this past Saturday and I am getting my highlights done a week before for the wedding (wedding is April 20th). I am not getting it trimmed again since I want it to grow up. I've had my highlights done by the same person for years, so I'm not worried about having to fix anything and that's why I am going so close to the wedding.

    If you do all-over color I would suggest maybe a week and a half to two weeks in advance. You can always touch up roots if you need to closer to the wedding.

    ETA: The salon uses different kinds of dyes than what comes out of the box, they should have no problem with the brass-factor.
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