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Baton Rouge Vendor Reviews!

For any future brides who are interested in some Baton Rouge vendor reviews... I'll share my experience!

We got married 5/29 at the Old Governor's Mansion, which was amazing.  Such a beautiful venue for both a ceremony and reception, which is what we did.  I did all of the planning/creative stuff myself, so no hired wedding planner.

Photographer - Bray Danielle Photography
Overall rating = 10 out of 10
If I could describe Danielle in one word, it would probably be...PERFECTION.  She's amazing, and so talented!  She photographed our engagement pictures, my bridal portraits, and then the wedding. I can't say enough good things about Danielle and her team. They made us feel so comfortable, listened to ideas we had and felt us out as to what our "style" was. I love her and highly recommend her to anyone looking for standout photos. www.braydanielle.com

Caterer - Bayou Bistro

Overall rating = 10 out of 10
I had a great experience with BB - they were very helpful and accommodating, and worked with us on packages that best suited our needs.  I've had more people than I can count tell either me or my husband about how amazing the food was at the reception.  Bayou Bistro went above and beyond all of our expectations on the quality of food - it's been two weeks now and our guests are still raving about the food! http://labayoubistro.com/splash.asp

Cakes - Fairy Dust Cakes
Overall rating = 10 out of 10
I can't say enough positive things about Kyleen and her cakes...she's amazing!  I'd tasted her cakes a couple of different local bridal events and knew the flavors were incredible, but it wasn't until I saw my cakes on the wedding day that I realized just how amazingly talented she is! Seriously, they are beautiful, and I may be a little biased, but I think they're two of the coolest cakes I've ever seen. And she's verrrry reasonably priced. (Pictures below)

Florist - Designs by Milissa
Overall Rating = 9 out of 10
Milissa Duhe is a local florist that was recommended to me by the Old Governors Mansion.  She's very budget friendly with her prices, and she puts together beautiful arrangements!  I gave her a 9 out of 10 only because I found her to be slightly unorganized at times, and there was a little mishap with my bridal portrait bouquet, but she completely made up for ALL of that with the wedding day bouqets and arrangements.  They were exactly, to the T, what I wanted, and both my bouquet (center, plum colored) and my girls' bouquets were stunning!

Videographer - Complete Music and Video

Overall Rating = 9 out of 10
Call Chris at CMV in Baton Rouge and he'll hook you up with a great package!  I can't give a full review on these guys just yet, because I haven't gotten my completed video back, but the experience with them was wonderful.  Chris was our personal videographer for the day and he made us feel very comfortable and seemed to be everywhere he needed to be!  I can't wait to get our video back and see how it all turned out.  CMV is located in The Wedding Gallery on Airline: 225-769-2229

Photobooth - Party Box Photobooth

Overall Rating = 15 out of 10
Okay so...the photobooth is a must!  It was the biggest hit with our guests - everyone loved it!  They provide 2 guys who bring the photobooth, set it up and operate it during the reception, then break it down and take it away.  You get a copy of each photostrip that's taken and they're all placed in a scrapbook and guests are asked to sign their names or write a little something to the bride and groom.  Then you also get a digital copy of all the images so you can share them with friends online.  Fabulous idea, and I highly recommend it to all of you!  Seriously, your guests will love you.  So. much. fun. These guys are also located in The Wedding Gallery on Airline: http://partyboxphotobooth.com/

Wedding Officiant - Pastor Bill Pruitt
Overall Rating = 9 out of 10
We couldn't have asked for a better minister to officiate our wedding.  He was super accomodating and worked with us to create a personalized ceremony that fit our personalities.  A little hard to reach at times, but that's not a huge deal. If you want more info on Bill, just message me, or send an email to [email protected] and get you his contact info.

Transportation - River Parish Limos

Overall Rating = 10 out of 10
We only hired a limo to pick us up after the reception and take us to the hotel, so we only had transportation for a short time. But, our experience with them was top notch, the driver was really friendly and even worked with us in making a couple of stops for a mini photo shoot w/ our photographer after the reception.  Highly recommended and not too pricey.  http://www.riverparishlimo.com/index.html

Wedding Gown/Bridesmaids Dresses - Bustle Baton Rouge
Overall Rating = 7 out of 10
I'm having a hard time with the rating for Bustle, because I found the perfect wedding dress there and it was gorgeous - then I found the perfect bridesmaids dresses there which were also gorgeous, so I want to give them a 10 on product.  However, customer service is a different story, and my girls all had a really hard time with the bridesmaids dress situation and Bustle's team had me really stressed out at one point and extremely aggrivated. The dresses didn't arrive when they were supposed to, and the Bustle girls didn't exactly follow through on promises made. However, they carry some of the best dresses, shoes (got my shoes there too, amazing!) and jewelry in town, so its worth checking out.

Tuxes - Men's Wearhouse

Overall Rating = 4 out of 10
You can get a tux anywhere, so I would exactly recommend getting them from Men's Wearhouse.  While its convenient because there are locations everrrrywhere and it's really easy for the guys to all find stores close to them for fittings, etc....the staff (from my experience) is incompetent and unprofessional.  In fact, they charged different groomsmen different prices for the tuxes, THEN they forgot to add in the groom's tux order, and the only reason we had it in time for the wedding was because I called to check on when we could pick it up, and they were like "oh, well how come the groom hasn't come in for his fitting?"  I was furious - obviously he was fitted and put in his order when we originally selected the tux style for the guys months prior to the wedding.  One groomsmen's pants came in with white paint on them, and my dad's entire tux was way oversized...just one very frustrating thing after another - you don't need that kind of stress.  My advice is to get the tuxes elsewhere.

I did my own makeup, had personal friends who are hairstylists do mine and my girls' hair, and our best man provided our dj and servies for us, so I can't really provide vendor insight on those areas.

Hotels - Sheraton, Cambria Suites

Overall rating = 10 out of 10
I had a suite at the Sheraton for the night before and for my husband and I the night of the wedding.  The Sheraton was super accommodating, especially given the fact that it was Bayou Country Fest weekend and they were booked to capacity.  Jenny R at the Sheraton was so helpful and the suite was gorgeous! Most of our guests stayed at either the Sheraton (now Belle of Baton Rouge), Cambria Suites off College Drive, or at the downtown Hilton. All great reviews, and are recommended.

I know its a lot, but when I was planning, I appreciated any previous bride's reviews on local vendors that I could find!  Message or email me with any other questions. Hope this is helpful, and happy planning! -Rachel

Re: Baton Rouge Vendor Reviews!

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    Thanks for your reviews! They really help for brides in the planning process (such as me!). If you don't mind me asking, how much did you pay for the photobooth? I'm not sure if it is out of my budget, but they sound like so much fun.
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    I believe it was right at $1,000.  Depending on your budget that can be kind of expensive for a "non-priority" item...but I'm really glad I splurged on it and had it at the wedding - it was so much fun!  Good luck with all of your planning!
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    Great reviews! We have many out of town guest so the hotel reviews will be helpful. I'm getting married May 29, 2011 :-) so I will need to block rooms off soon because of the Bayou Country Fest next year. How far in advance did you block rooms? Did they give reasonable rates because of the block?
    Good heads up on the tuxedo situation.

  • sonnierfayesonnierfaye member
    edited December 2011
    How much was your photographer? I found one I liked but she may be out of price range and I was just curious - did she have a package for engagement, bridal and wedding or were they separated? Thanks again for all the great ideas and reviews!
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_louisiana-baton-rouge_baton-rouge-vendor-reviews?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local%20Wedding%20BoardsForum:83Discussion:0529af0d-6e1a-44c5-b5a4-0fd0af02dfd4Post:f822e68d-934b-491a-8e80-ca88deefc1b5">Re: Baton Rouge Vendor Reviews!</a>:
    [QUOTE]How far in advance did you block rooms? Did they give reasonable rates because of the block? Good heads up on the tuxedo situation. Congratulations!
    Posted by micromini[/QUOTE]

    I booked my rooms probably about 7-8 months ahead.  At the time I had no idea how big the country fest thing would get, so as soon as I heard it was happening on my wedding weekend, I blocked the rooms!  I say its never too early. I'm lucky I did it so far in advance b/c the Hilton and Sheraton downtown were the first to book up.
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_louisiana-baton-rouge_baton-rouge-vendor-reviews?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local%20Wedding%20BoardsForum:83Discussion:0529af0d-6e1a-44c5-b5a4-0fd0af02dfd4Post:f442f031-ced9-43cd-8f99-243977cdb74e">Re: Baton Rouge Vendor Reviews!</a>:
    [QUOTE]How much was your photographer? I found one I liked but she may be out of price range and I was just curious - did she have a package for engagement, bridal and wedding or were they separated? Thanks again for all the great ideas and reviews! Posted by sonnierfaye[/QUOTE]

    Hi! I think I payed somewhere around $4k for my photographer package, but there were definitely some cheaper packages.  Danielle has options for nearly every bride/situation. You can get a package that includes the engagement, bridals and wedding sessions, or you can pick and choose.  I believe she has a package for just the day of the wedding as well.   You should email or call her and set up an appt to check out her packages!
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