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Louisiana-Baton Rouge


I was hoping you could answer another quick question for me, since you helped me with the dermatologist finding.What doctor did your fiance go see at the dermatology clinic? I have chose Mary Dobson just because she seems a more recent graduate than the rest. I also figure I'd prefer a woman this time.And another question (more something I should probably find out on my own)...is the Dermatology Clinic one large building that you go into and then find your particular doctor's office? Or is it more individualized? You'll have to forgive me as I live in Hammond and am not familiar at all with BR hospitals or anything. I understand you may not know, but just figured I'd ask. I have an appointment this Wednesday, if I can skip out on work for a little to go to it!Thanks!

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  • dlbrousdlbrous member
    edited December 2011
    Hi, I'm very sorry I didn't get your response until today. School has started again and I haven't been online as much.  I think it is a big clinic..rather than like a hospital and probably has a reception desk that checks in for all the doctors.I hope your appointment went well. Let me know if I can answer any more questions.
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