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Registry Info in Invites

I have a question, I'm not from the area but I work in the wedding industry and hopefully soon will be a bride to be (tick tock M :D)... do any of you have a problem with putting registry information in invites? I think it is a huge no-no and I am beginning to think perhaps I'm an invitation prude? At home we always put the registry information in shower invites not the wedding invites... Is this foreign in Louisiana? or is it just the norm to have the registry information in both?

Re: Registry Info in Invites

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    I don't know what anyone else is doing, or who thinks what is appropriate, but I am most certainly NOT putting registry info on the invitations.  Then it's not a wedding invitation any more, it's a hey-I'm-getting-married-buy-me-something invitation.
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    I agree I'm not doing that either. I will put the info on my wedding website and if anyone wants to know they can look there or ask my/his family or the bridal party.
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    I'm against putting registry info with the invite. I listed my website as a source for directions and hotels but otherwise it's all by word of mouth
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    registry info in shower inviations is fine however including registry info in the wedding invite is a HUGE  no- no in my book!
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    I will not be including registry info in my wedding invitations, but I will include a link to my website.Because a lot of my guests will be from out-of-town, I have local attractions, hotel info, and directions on my website, along with registry info and other stuff. I think that's alright, but no registry stuff on the invite itself!
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    I agree with you completely!!
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