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HELP!!! Dress delima!!

Ok...so when I went to get my dress I left all of the pictures of my desired dresses at home and could only remember one that I wanted to try on. I ended up buying the third dress I put on because I just wanted to get it done and I didn't want to go anywhere else. Now I'm regretting it. It's a beautiful dress, but I don't know if it's the right thing for me on my wedding day. What do I do? I see dresses in magazines and I cry because I like them a lot more. HELP!!!

Re: HELP!!! Dress delima!!

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     I would definitely go back to a bridal shop and try some more dresses and find out if you should get another dress or if the one you bought is the right one.  Also find out if you can return or exchange your dress.  Take your time, don't rush it!
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    Go try on the dress you bought. If you refresh your memory of why you bought that one, it might quell your regrets

    If it doesn't, then look for a dress that wows you and don't settle for less. You still have time, and you can probably sell the not-it dress for close to what you paid for it, since it's new.

    Don't panic. It will turn out fine. Laughing
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    I would try on the dress you bought again and have your hair similar to how you will for the wedding. I had second thoughts on my dress as well.. I have SUPER curly hair and I didn't like it much when I tried on the dress...as soon as I tried it on for the millionth time in the same day I pulled my hair back and liked it soo much more. Try it with different hair styles and see what you think then.
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