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wedding cakes

i am trying to find a place to get my cake that wont brack the bank i would like a 4 tier cake 

Re: wedding cakes

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    Mine came from Gambinos. It was DELICIOUS.
  • Cherry0109Cherry0109 member
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    scroll down a few posts to "Wedding Cakes??"

    I used Gamibino and could not have been happier! Pic in previous post...

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    I work at Baum's Fine Pastries as a cake decorator. I'm also getting married next October which is why I'm posting (not trying to advertise Baum's here). Do you NEED a 4-tier wedding cake, or do you just want one for looks? Cakes are really expensive, ranging from $180 - over a thousand! The more tiers, the more expensive. If you find a bakery that you like, you might be able to substitute styrofoam for one of the tiers, and that would drop the price some. Hope that helps.
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