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Honeymoon New Orleans

we can only take the weekend for our honeymoon we were thinking New Orleans. Any suggestions on what to do? Besides stay in the hotel room! lol

Re: Honeymoon New Orleans

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    you should go on one of the haunted history tours! they are AMAZING. i think they have a ghost tour, vampire tour, voodoo tour, and a cemetery tour.
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    we did the steamboat natchez day cruise but there is also a dinner cruise.  There are also tons of bed and breakfast locations. 
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    A ride on the trolley up Magazine is great, too. I also like the WWII museum.
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    you can go on a gondola ride just like you in italy...the guy provide cheese and fruit, and glasses, you bring the wine... nolagondola.com...me and my fiance are going next friday, will let you know how it turns out.
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    Gondola ride was great, brought our own wine, he provided glasses.  I would suggest you bring a little more to eat, what guide give you is very limited and you probably be typsy if you finish bottle with no other food.  But still fun, it lasted an hour but I think he has  aless expensive 1/2 hhour.  You have to kiss under each bridge, whew hew!!

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