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Bridal Boutique on Florida blvd

They are AMAZING.
Just found my dress there Sunday so I'm super pumped. They had an amazing selection and they organized their dresses by price. I was lucky enough to snag a Maggie Sottero while they were having a trunk show and it's very beautiful. Plus, the place is COLD which is more than I can say for a few other places I've tried on dresses. It can get hot putting on dress after dress but they keep it just right :)
They give you your own room to try on a dress. Like, a big room with a couch. awesome.
A girl named Megan helped me out and she was super sweet and didn't mind lacing up dress after dress or helping me in to even the heaviest dresses. She was super sweet.
anyway, go there if you want to find your dress. You won't be dissapointed.

Re: Bridal Boutique on Florida blvd

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    They were very helpful to me as well. I went there on yesterday to see if they sold a certain name brand. Even though they didn't they were very helpful.
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    When I was dress shopping there, I didn't have a particularly great experience. Of course, they didn't have any samples in my size and my consultant kept having to get "help" in order to zip me up. It was a bit embarrassing. Then, she brought me a dress that was 50% over my budget without telling me. I tried it on, loved it, then she told me how much it was. I was pretty bummed, since I had been very up-front about my budget.

    When I didn't buy that dress, she basically put me in the room to look at bridesmaid dresses and ignored me the rest of the time I was there. Undecided
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    I found my dress at Bridal Boutique, the consultant I had (I forgot her name) was super helpful and sweet. My only complaint is that in the excitement of finding a dress, and getting a sweet discount because of a trunk show, I was somehow sold a $70 crinoline that I won't be wearing and a $200 veil that I don't love. Of course, this is my fault for just being too excited to think rationally, but I definitely think they kind of knew to take advantage of my wallet at this moment. Just a warning, otherwise I totally recommend Bridal Boutique.
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    My experience there was HORRIBLE!!!!  First, I was in the store about 15-20 minutes without even being acknowledged!!!.  I had to actually ask someone for help.  Once I recieved help, the consultant was not very knowledgeable about anything.  To say the least, I did not find a dress that I liked, and I will not return to look for one..
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    I bought my dress there.  I made a point to go on Sunday so there wouldn't be many people there.  They didn't have a very big selection for me to choose from since I am a plus size bride, but Rose found and beautiful dress for me that I am completely satisfied with  :)
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