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First Night Hotel?

I need suggestions for a hotel in the Baton Rouge area for our first night as a married couple. I haven't completely decided if we will drive a little that night (going to Tampa for our honeymoon), or if we will stay in Baton Rouge and just drive the next day. Decisions, decisions!

Thanks in advance!

Re: First Night Hotel?

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    I have stayed in the Hampton and it is amazing!!!
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    We're staying at the Hilton downtown.  I've always wanted to stay there and figured this is the one time I'll actually be staying in a hotel in BR (instead of at home)!
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    The Hilton Downtown is the nicest hotel in Baton Rouge. 

    There is a new one downtown called Hotel Indigo, literally opened this month, directly across from the hilton that looks really nice.

    If you are thinking of driving some, Biloxi or Mobile may be a good places to stop for the night. You will feel like you made some headway on your trip but neither are too far.
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    We stayed at the Holiday Inn on College Drive. The room was HUGE and incredibly comfortable.

    Big-screen TV, king-sized bed, mini-fridge and microwave, jacuzzi-style tub, enormous shower... what more could a couple of newlyweds want? Innocent
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    I should say, we also looked at the Hampton and it was VERY nice. DH just preferred the Holiday Inn. Both are fairly new, luxurious hotels at a reasonable price.

    We also looked at the Radisson- which was unique! They have different themes on each floor and a beautiful pool outside. Our family stayed at the Holiday Inn Express on Siegen, which was nice and the service was GREAT. It just wasn't fancy enough for our wedding night.
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