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i need new cake pulls meanings...

Ok ladies I decided to take on the task of making my own cake pull bracelets and am stuck. I have gotten all my New Orleans themed charms and had meanings for each of them but now Im not liking them all...

bride wine glass: next to be married
heart key: a life of romance
fleur de lis: love & prosperity
mardi gras mask: life filled with fun & leisure
Streetcar: a life ful of adventure & travel
Bourbon St Sign: a life filled with celebrations

and these are the ones I dont like & hoping you all can help me find new meanigns for
riverboat: life full of nostalgic memories
music note: youe home will alwayus be in harmony

thanks for any suggestions...

Re: i need new cake pulls meanings...

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    I made my own as well.... Let's see:
    Fleur de lis- prosperity
    Anchor- success
    baby carriage - next to have a baby
    4 leaf clover- good luck
    telephone- expect good news
    ring-next engaged
    the list goes on... but that's all i can think of at the moment
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    How about for the riverboat - a life full of excitement
    And for the music note - your heart will sing; you will always have a song in your heart; music will fill your life...
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  • i need the meaning for the knot that some people put in there cake.

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