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Hi Everyone - 
Quick question for everyone using bands.  I am having my ceremony and reception at the same venue, with a second line between the ceremony and reception.  My F and I are trying to figure out how to do the music.  Do we have the ceremony band play for 20 min, then a brass band for the second line, the ceremony band for another hour or two and then bring the brass band back?  Or do we have the ceremony band play 20 min, brass band for second line and then a reception band for the reception?  Just curious how others have done this.  Thanks!  (oh we are getting married first weekend of Jazz Fest, so a lot of bands will be around!)

Re: Band Question

  • I did my second line after my reception, so I hired a ceremony musician to play my ceremony and the first hour of the reception, hired a DJ for two hours of my reception and a second line band to do our parade.

    If I did the second line between the ceremony and the reception, I would hire a ceremony band, brass band and the reception band.  I thought it was excessive to pay so many musicians, so I opted for the DJ which was totally fine. 
  • Do any of you have a recommendation for a good second line band? I am planning to have a DJ for my reception but want to have a second line post reception through the Quarter. 
  • Music is really important to us.  We're going to have acoustic guitar (a close friend) for the ceremony.  Then we are having Rebirth Brass Band for our 2nd line right after the ceremony and then they'll play for a half hour of cocktails when we get back.  I am so freaking excited!!!  After that, we'll have a DJ for an extended reception.  We thought about a reception band but figured nothing would really live up to Rebirth =) so we're just going in a totally different direction with a fabulous club DJ.

    But to answer the original question, scheduling the 2nd line at the end, is a good way to split up the band logistics, or having the same band do ceremony and 2nd line, if you want the 2nd line after the ceremony instead of after the reception.
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