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So, last weekend I had the brilliant idea to try to do my own weddind invitation addresses. After about $15 on a calligraphy pen and about 2 hours practicing, I give up.

Thus the question: Who did you hire to do your calligraphy?  There are SO many on etsy that I don't even know where to start.  Turning to my trusty knotties to help. Smile

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  • I think Carolemb had a great rec.  Locally, I know Tupelo Honey does it, but I'm not sure on the pricing.

    I tried to hand calligraphy my invites too, but it was too difficult.  I ended up just hand writing all of my invitations.
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    I lucked out and I knew a professional calligrapher. If you're going with Etsy check and see howuch they charge for Outer envelopes and for inner envelopes depending on your invitations. You can also check out Yelp for recommendations.
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    I used Christian Calligraphy on etsy. She's in Dallas, so I just shipped my invites there and she got all 500 envelopes back to me in less than 4 weeks.
    She charged about $2 per outer envelope and 50 cents per inner envelope. Even with shipping, it was significantly less than other calligraphers in the area and I contacted several. I emailed her a copy of my invitation (which was designed by a local calligrapher) and she matched it pretty well while keeping it legible for the post office.
    She also has her own styles posted on etsy which are very elegant too.
    If you decide to ship your invites just make sure you line the box with plastic to water proof them. I used a large garbage bag to protect mine. 


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    [QUOTE] ...  If you decide to ship your invites just make sure you line the box with plastic to water proof them. I used a large garbage bag to protect mine. ...
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    <div>Oh God!  I hadn't even THOUGHT about that.  How terrible would that have been, to ship it and then have them all ruined!!!</div>
  • I  used Abigail T. Calligraphy on Etsy. I have gotten so many compliments on them from guests!! She's in Tennessee but shipping to her was no problem. She works quickly, and she's very competitively priced. We're using her for our escort cards too. 
  • I used gem printing in metairie. I got my invitations there, but a friend of mine brought her's there (which she got elsewhere). they were really fast and really cheap...like $1.50 per set

  • i used angeliqueink on etsy for my invite design and other stuff.. she is incredible!
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