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Bachelorette Party Concerns

Okay....so I've been trying to coordinate dates/times for my Bachelorette Party and it has been a nightmare! Fall weddings are nice, but it seems as though its so hard to work around schedules.


I am trying to decide between three different bachelorette parties:

1. Biloxi weekend (Friday and Saturday night) either at Beau Rivage or Hard Rock (maybe lay by the pool, but you can still gamble if the weather is bad) possible problems-pricey rooms and eating out

2. Gulf Shores long weekend (Thurs-Sun): possible problems-oil splill issues

3. New Orleans traditional/Bourbon night (Saturday night only): I was thinking of getting a suite or just a hotel room for one night: possible problems-what can you do to make it more than just a regular night in the quarter without having it be too pricey?

Please help! Any suggestions are appreciated.

What did you do?

Re: Bachelorette Party Concerns

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    Bourbon St. will probbaly be the cheapest out of the 3 if you are concerned about cost becasue rooms on the coast are really expensive if you are staying at a casino and it is on a weekend. My friend got a room at the Hard Rock once and it was so expensive I was shocked at the the price for the size of the room.

    We had my sister's in the quarter and stayed at the Bourbon Orleans - all in one room - (I know that that is crazy, but when you are drunk and just crash anywhere I doesn't matter. I really wasn't bad) and split the cost. We got pizza on the way back to the hotel at this pizza stand and it was the best pizza ever - drunk pizza. We also went to  Port of Call before going out and had Monsoons. The places we went in didn't have cover charges so it wasn't that expensive.
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    we did bourbon street for my friend's bachelorette. we went to dinner around 7 then back to the hotel for some cake and silly games and then out. It worked out really well and wasnt too expensive. we got a suite at the marriot. it was huge and not a bad price.
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    I'm a beach person, so I'm hoping a get a weekend at the beach for my bach party (I'm also a fall bride, so I feel your pain).

    However, I know that isn't the most practical option. If it doesn't happen, I certainly won't be disappointed. I have a group of friends that can make anything fun!

    I just don't want anyone stressing over finances. If the party is going to be a burden to anyone, I don't want to do it.
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    Depending on the weekend, you may get lucky with prices in Biloxi.  We used to spend the weekends there when I was in college and some casinos aren't bad (especially if the cost is being split).  Try The Grand or other casinos there.  If you or a bridesmaid have a players card from any casino then you can probably get a discount. They all have taxis and stuff that transport.  For my birthday one year we went and they had a strech navigator outside The Grand that took us to Hard Rock FOR FREE! We just paid a tip and the driver gave us his number to call when we were ready to go back.

    I think thats the best option because Biloxi has a beach and f it rains, you will be inside or riding in a car from one place to the other whereas if it rains on Bourbon, you will be wet.  Its the best of all world!! Hope this helps!
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    I live in Biloxi so I am pretty familiar with all aspects. Hard Rock is the most exspensive. Rooms are typically $3-400 a night. You can find a little cheaper at the Beau. The Grand is a little down the road but pretty much all casinos shuttle you to each casino. The palace tends to be the least exspensive. If you decide on Biloxi, the center bar at hard rock is a good starting point, after that I would go to the beau's night club or the Ip's bar, late night would be Rise on the top of the Hard Rock. Most casinos have great pools and spas. I definitely would not go to the beach. They aren't nice. There are tons of great restaraunts in and around the casinos. Downtown Ocean Springs has awesome shopping and is a great place for lunch or Sunday brunch. Gulfport has an outlet mall with several good stores. I think New Orleans would be cheaper but its all about the type of experience you want. My group is going to Gulf Shores.
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    1. I am also a Fall bride (10-29)and am planning to do my bachelorette party at Beau Rivage in late September. Im not sure when your wedding is but if you wait peak season to end the prices will be cheaper, say after August and possibly through late Sept. They do have Spas and if your bridesmaids/friend want to can get mani/pedis for the wedding there. Its really fun Ive had a few friends do it already.

    2. The oil spill wont be around in the fall so that worry is out of here. if you rent a house it'd be alot cheaper than a hotel room or some condos. Most houses have pools that are shared by a few other homes so you still have that option to lounge at pool.

    3. Bourbon is def cheapest and theres some really nice suites over-looking Borubon but it'll def be pricey for them. It's the most done so there's nothing you can really do to make it original. Its just another night on Bourbon really.

    They're all good options, do what you want. Its YOUR day!!
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