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Audubon Park Ceremony

We will be having our Wedding Reception in the Audubon zoo in the cajun ballroom.
We wanted to have the ceremony outside in Audubon Park.
There is a lovely little fountain to the left of the zoo parking lot if you are looking at the zoo. It's on the same side of Magazine St.  It is pushed back away from the street in between the zoo and the hourse stables and surounded by beautiful oak trees.

Audubon Park does not advertise this location as a possible ceremony site.  I am wondering if anyone has been to a wedding ceremony here and what their thoughts were on it as a cereomy site.

Re: Audubon Park Ceremony

  • I don't know the answer to this but I'd love to know what you find out - and how it goes. I wonder if it's expensive? It sounds like an amazing idea!
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