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Hair/Make-up help, please.

I'm getting married March 3rd and have just decided to get my hair and make-up professional done if possible (little late, I know..) . Our hotel is near Magazine & Canal so I would like something fairly close or someone who will come to me. Any ideas?

Also - Two Sisters and Just Face It are already booked.

Thanks ladies!
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Re: Hair/Make-up help, please.

  • I am using Katie @ Pixie Cosmetics for make-up and I believe she is located on Magazine (she will come to you though too).  You should be able to google them, but if you need her contact info I can PM you.  I haven't had my trial with her yet, but my WP recommended her and I liked what I saw on her Facebook page. 
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  • I used Kelly LeBlanc for makeup and Melissa Maia for hair. They are in Metarie but will come to you for a fee. I was more than pleased with both.
  • Thanks ladies. I'll look into them.
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  • I'm using Monique at 3 Phases for my hair.  She and her best friend just started their own salon (they are super young, like in their early 20's?) and she's super affordable.  She actually cuts my hair normally and I was thrilled to find out that she does wedding hair.  I had my test run last week and loved it.  I totally recommend her!
  • I'm using Amanda Hampton Bravender (AHB Hair and MakeUp Services). I already did a trial run with her (she comes to you!) and se is super sweet and super talented!!
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