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Hi Ladies,

I am having my rehearsal at Our Lady of Guadalupe at 7pm at night. By the time we get to the rehearsal dinner spot (likely somewhere within walking distance in the FQ), It will be 7:45/8:00pm. So, I am thinking more of renting a room with just appetizers instead of a dinner.

I'd like to do this because most people will probably eat before the actual rehearsal, I don't want it to last that long because I need to get my beauty sleep that night!! and lastly, since my fiance and I are paying for it ourselves, we'd love to save money.

We were thinking about looking at Bourbon House, which has a passed appetizers and a few food stations for ~$26/person not including alcohol. However, we were curious if there would be an even more affordable place. I know the Bourbon House is sort of classy. For our small, mostly OOT wedding, we were hoping to find something a little more laid back and fun.

Any suggestions?

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    We are having a little welcome party on the Friday before our Sunday wedding and we're doing that at Margaritaville. They have several private or semi-private rooms and it's definitely a laid-back atmosphere - very casual. Also, I think they have live music most nights if your guests want to stay afterwards and enjoy. They have lots of different food options as well.

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    I am also having my wedding at Our Lady of Guadalupe and we are having our rehearsal dinner at Mandina's on Canal Street. They are have reasonable prices.
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    Honestly, although it seems late to you, I would think there would still be a rehearsal dinner. Especially since it's OOT. You can still do something laid-back. I've seen some brides suggest the Rock-n-Bowl. I don't know of anything else, but I would personally re-think the appetizers only. If you want super laid back, how about pizzas and beer at Angeli's on Decatur. Not sure what it would run you pricewise, but they are open late and their food is really good.
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    I was going to say the same thing as QueenJane about the timing and still expecting dinner. Since your 7:00 rehearsal is right in the middle of most people's dinner time, my guess is that everyone involved would assume you are eating dinner immediately after. I understand wanting to watch your budget, but I would suggest that you politely inform those included that it won't be full dinner fare so they can plan accordingly. I would be quite irritated if I came to NO from out of town for a friend's wedding, had to wait a bit longer than usual to eat, only to find out we are not eating dinner. But if I knew ahead, I would be prepared. And you will probably accomplish your goal of getting people out of there early.
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    Rock and Bowl would be fun. You can also check out Crescent City Brewhouse - it is in the Quarter but a little cheaper than Bourbon House.
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