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any catholic brides NOT having a program?

I am getting so depressed lately....I have just soooo run out of any more $$ and energy to do anything else for our wedding.  I am so resentful of the whole industry, and really regretting spending over 20k for a few hours :(  I know I am such a downer, but really it's insane.  And each day I am reminded of one more thing we haven't done yet.  Last night we were with DF's family, choosing readings.  We were looking through programs they had saved from other weddings, and I realized there is yet ANOTHER time/$$ expense.  Am I horrible if I don't do this?  Do people really need this?  Thanks.

Re: any catholic brides NOT having a program?

  • Catholic weddings are so long, I always appreciate having a program to look at to pass the time.  I know that's probably not what you want to hear, but I get really bored during long ceremonies. 

    It's totally not necessary though.
  • I'm not having one! It's a waste of money and paper, because it ends up in the trash can as soon as its over. Save that money for something else, I promise people won't even remember that you didn't have a program.
  • Maybe consider having one, but not going overboard and hiring a professional. It's totally something you can put together in microsoft word and take the file to office depot or any printing place and print it out on ecru paper. I wouldn't even worrry about having one for each guest. Maybe just do enough for 1 per couple. I've even seen narrow programs that don't fold. you could print 2 programs with 1 piece of heavy stock paper and there you go. Or get someone on etsy to do them.

  • Yes I'm having them because I think it is helpful for our guests who are not Catholic to follow along even through most guests are Catholic, it gives everyone something to look at it during the hour long Mass, and I'm including the two songs that the entire congregation will be singing. I am keeping the concept simple by doing a booklet format and will print on either plain paper or a little nicer paper and the cover will be card stock. Although it is simple in concept and DIY, I will tell you putting it together has taken me a long time. I started it a long time ago and have messed with it here and there. It's been the one thing that has really been a pain, but I just can't bring myself to not do one at all. I found several templates over on the Catholic board that were helpful. I can email you my Word doc too if you would like. FWIW, I am way over this wedding planning too and am kicking myself for making this wedding as over the top as I have. This started off as a "simple" DW and has mushroomed into a 3 day long affair. Unfortunately I have no one to blame but myself. :/ I am sure it will all be worth it in the end!
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  • I am having them so that the non-catholics can follow along with the mass. I know I always like to be able to tell who is who when the wedding party comes out but it's your day and completely up to you. I don't think it's a huge detail and some people won't even remember that you didn't have them!
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  • Thanks everyone!  So torn....I'd like to have one, but I think I am just overwhelmed with everything else at this point :(  we'll see I guess!
  • Check out this website: http://weddings.shanbritedesigns.com/templates.htm

    I was looking for DIY Program templates and came across this site.  It's got multiple options (all word docs so you can change fonts, wording, etc. to suit your needs).  I think Program Template 6 is for a Catholic Ceremony.  It looks to be a folded program so you could just alter to suit your needs and then as others suggested take to a print shop and have them do the front to back copying on some nice heavy stock paper.  If you want to add something more then consider hold punching one or two spots and tying a small ribbon.

    i get you on the cost, but this seemed a pretty easy and less expensive route to go if you decide to go forward with programs!

  • I just put together my programs and they're in the layered format (flip pages over the top).  It took a long time to format them and get them perfect but I'll be happy to share them if you need a mold to just put your info into.  It is printed on regular paper then the back page is attached to a piece of cardstock, 2 holes punched at the top and secured with a small ribbon.  email me if you want to use it.  [email protected]
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    We didn't have one and no one cared. There were other areas where we would rather spend the money that would be allocated to programs, especially since (like a previous poster mentioned) most of them just end up in the trash right after the ceremony.
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