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NOLA Ceremony & Reception in one place May/June 2013

I think we have looked at almost every venue in New Orleans (at least online), but I feel we are missing something. We need one venue that can accommodate an indoor ceremony (in case of rain) and a reception for 250-270 people. Downtown or Warehouse district preferred--does not have to be FQ, but can be. We want a place that has an outdoor space so smokers or others can go out. We may be dealing with a Friday night since most places are now booked for Saturdays. We'd like the reception to be in a place that has one large room, not separate rooms. Total cost, not more than $85 per person total food & drinks. We love the look of Board of Trade (traditional NOLA but not warehousey), but no place for ceremony. Suggestions appreciated!!

Re: NOLA Ceremony & Reception in one place May/June 2013

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