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Warning! Avoid Celebrity Limos at all Costs

Update to my vendor reviews regarding Celebrity Limos for transportation.  I will leave my rating at an F- for lack of a lower grade.  I finally connected with the owner/manager Joe and after trying to be friendly for the first few minutes, he essentially told me that he had $300 in mind as a dollar figure to "make this right."  Bahahaha.  This was after I explained to him what I shouldn't have to pay for, like $468 for the 3 limos that no one used because by the time they showed up 45 min late the only person left in the entire wedding, including guests, was ME! And when I did try to use one of those limos because the Rolls  Royce was also late, that limo overheated as soon as I got in it.  $300 doesn't even cover that expense. Not to mention the 30 min of my reception I lost out on, etc.   I told him he was out of his mind, that I was looking for considerably more than that, and he told me the conversation was over.  I told him he was out of his mind, I would be posting an accurately negative review here, reporting  him to the BBB, and he would be getting a letter in the near future.  He hung up on me.  So ladies, needless to say, AVOID  THIS VENDOR (well by definition "vendor" implies one  that provides a service, and these guys did not provide any useful service to me) at all costs.  I truly hope that those of you who have already contracted with them don't have this same experience or have time to find someone else. 
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Re: Warning! Avoid Celebrity Limos at all Costs

  • OMG!!!! I am so sorry you had to deal with this. I think you aren't the first. I searched some old reviews and i see quite a few complaints! I do remember them quoting good rates when i was calling around but big easy limos matched the price so i went with them. You are totally right in reporting them to BBB! They deserve it! Well, you looked beautiful so at the end of the day, try not to dwell on it.....
  • I have filed a complaint with the BBB. 
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  • ughh!! I want to VOMIT. I just booked them and my check is cashed.  I ended up just going with them b/c I felt like I was waiting too long to book limos for my Jan wedding....
  • I have them booked too :(  and my wedding is in just under 4 weeks.  I've shared concern with my parents and my fiance and our back up plan is that my dad will just pile the girls up in his suburban and the boys in his moms van.  Oohh Lord, I hope it doesn't come down to that but I guess it wouldn't be the end of the world.  I'm now planning a Plan B for every single aspect of my wedding.  (I saw another review recently of a singer that did not show up to a full Catholic mass, singing is important!).  Woosaahhh it'll all be fine.  Sorry about the rant/freakout lol.  I hate that vendors just don't live up to their expectations, especially on one of the most important days of our lives.
  • In Response to Re:Warning! Avoid Celebrity Limos at all Costs:[QUOTE]ughh!! I want to VOMIT. I just booked them and my check is cashed.nbsp; I ended up just going with them b/c I felt like I was waiting too long to book limos for my Jan wedding....UGHH! Posted by Star0418[/QUOTE]

    I am really hoping that the bad weather and the bad traffic is what caused my disaster in the first place. The owner repeatedly blamed his "contract drivers" for being late, so it sounds like it is random and I hope you get different drivers. I understand that sometimes sht happens in life, but it is their lack of professionalism afterwards that really warrants the complaints. Yes, it was raining and apparently you use crappy contract drivers, but neither of those are my problem. I am the paying customer. I'm hoping for you guys it was just a bad day and not the norm for these guys.
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  • Ladies:
    I called the Hilton manager that I am working with for my hotel block. She recently used Celebrity Limos and she had good things to say about them. She said they showed up early and the cars were clean.
    She  did agree that the girl in the office is not the nicest but in the end they delivered what she paid for.  I am feeling better. But still praying for the best.

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    Star-  the girl in the office was always very pleasant to deal with when I emailed or called her.  I have heard others here say the opposite though.

    Update:  Celebrity responded to my BBB complaint and acknowledged they were late, blamed everything on the weather, and refunded a small part of the money I was asking for by putting in back on the credit card that was charged (if I was sent a check I would not have cashed it).  I will have to decide what to do moving forward. 

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  • Oh man. :(

    My dad said he was going to take care of the limos and he went with Celebrity because apparently he knows the owner. My wedding is this Saturday. Now I'm very worried.
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