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Has anyone worked with Merideth Reed of Belle Soiree wedding planning? If so, what was your impression? 

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    Hey I have been in contact with her too. I think she is super sweet but I just don't know how much experience she has.  Her website doesnt have all that many pictures.  Her prices are pretty affordable though.  I would love to hear what anyone has to say as well!
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    She is my planner for day/month of services.  She has been great answering questions for me so far and seems to have some great ideas. We won't start really working together until closer to my May wedding but I feel like I made the right choice.
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    Thanks for the feedback!
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    Hey! Merideth planned my wedding, we had the start to finish package. Our wedding reception was last August. She will tell you she is "new" but has been in business for 2 years which is considered "new" next to the older women who have been in business 25 years plus. Here is my experience with her. I was deciding between her and a few other planners, and Merideth was open to anything. The older more "experienced" planners were quick to shoot down my 25k budget and wanted everything their way. When I worked with Merideth throughout the 7 months, she met with me probably over 50 times..as with other planners its very very limitied short and sweet. She became a friend who I trusted with my wedding who I happened to be paying and seriously eased my mind. If you meet with her she has a ton of pictures on hand and on her facebook just hasn't updated them to her site I suppose. The day of the wedding is a total different ballgame, so many things went wrong with the hotel NOT Merideth and I never knew anything at all about it. I can honestly say her and her team saved the wedding and it went off flawless(to my knowledge). She will tell you in meetings she worked in catering for years before that, and it seriously shows,almost as an instinct to troubleshoot. I do not know what I would have done without Belle Soiree and I thought I had a good handle on weddings. It was one of the top 3 best decisions I made throughout my planning! I can send yall some pictures of my wedding if you want!
  • Could you please send pictures? Is her pricing reasonable?
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