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I love the thought of getting married in Jackson square with the gorgeous backdrop of the cathedral, but what do you do in the event of rain?

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    I got married there on 03.13.2010, and we had to make a back up plan. Our reception was at Muriels, which overlooks Jackson Square.  In the event of rain, they added to our contract that we could use the ballroom for the ceremony at no charge.  It would have been a little awkward, but it so would have worked in a pinch. 
    Even though I didn't need the back up plan, as the day drew closer and called for rain, I wished that I would have added an extra card in the invitation that said something like, 'In the Event of Rain, the Cermemony will be held at Muriels, with Reception to Follow.'  I also called the Bourbon Orleans (the hotel the girls and I stayed at) and they were only going to charge $1000 for a 30 minute ceremony in their ballroom.
    Hope that helps!  Book Jackson Square early!!
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    My reception is at Muriel's as well, and I am dying to hear what you thought of it.  I absolutely love the venue but I don't feel like they have as many weddings as other venues.  Was the size of it an issue?  I'm planning for between 250 and 300 guests, and am a little concerned.  
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    It was flawless.  We had about 160 there (invited 308- all OOT guests) and we so could have had more people.  I did swap the rooms a bit because I saw some pics and I wasnt thrilled with the layout.  I moved the traditional band room to the bigger room, and the food room to the room with all of the poles.  I just thought it was strange to have beams or poles or whatever in the middle of your dance floor...and our group throws down and dances, so I needed more space.  MUCH happier with the flipped layout. 
    The other thing I noticed from some pics was how they had all of the lights on- like super lit up, and that made me sad.  Now, I should throw the caveat in that I did not have a videogrpaher- and apparently video people need more light.  I turned basically all of the lights super dim and had about a million candles and votives there, to add to the romance/mystery/what not of Muriels. 
    People are STILL talking about our wedding and I know its because of Muriels and our band- just made the night perfect!
    And they totally do weddings like every weeked...my planner does one there at least twice a month.  They just rock- they know what they are doing and it is beyond perfect!!!  So excited for you!!!1
  • Hi there,
    Did you have all 160 guests at Jackson Square? How did you do the chairs? Were people standing?

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