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I got married in June and had Karma as our band.  Initially, we had another band that disbanded, so with 3 months to go had to fnd a new band.  They were so accomodating and took over the contract even though it was less than what they would normally charge.  Not only that, they were amazing!  I have heard so more compliments than I could ever count.  So many people have told me "best wedding ever - because of the band".  Karma learned songs for our first dance, the dances with our parents, and also another song that I knew I wanted played.  The array of music was widespread and appealed to everyone!  The band even had my 91 year old grandmother on the dance floor almost the entire night!!  Needless to say, I would highly recommend anyone considering them for a wedding!

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    Great to know- we're thinking about using them. How much do they charge?
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    how much were they? Did you get any other quotes for other bands that u remember?
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    I"m not sure exactly what their prices are because, like I said, they assumed another band's contract... However, go to the website and email them.  They were always very receptive and answered me rather quickly.  The website is www.neworleanskarma.com.  If I remember correctly, they were middle of the road as far as prices - and we had looked into 10-15 different bands around the city.
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    I've seen Karma in several different venues.  They are just sooo awesome and so much fun.  They'll keep you on your feet all night.  A friend told me the singer is the son of Harvey Jesus (Harvey Jesus and Fire). 

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    I just heard back from them and their prices start at $4200.
  • Ok so I have recently gotten married and my husband and I are farely young. We were very naive to the process of finding and hiring a band. After hearing about Karma I decided to contact them! And well let's just say that the expercience that you ms. c0urt24 described is extremely far from the truth. After speaking with Mr. Lupe, I was put to ease! He was extremely polite, and seemed like he was willing to do anything he could to make the whole process easier for me. Similar to you, I had a budget that was not extrememly high, and when I discussed prices with him, he made it clear that he would do the best he could with the prices. The thing that you seem to not understand is that high quality work deserves high pay. And claiming that he was so rude because he asked you what your budget was? I don't know...sounds like he was being pretty considerate to me. Obviously when speaking to him you made it clear that you could not pay what is common for Karma, and he was still willing to try and work something out. Also, you say you were offended when he said he didn't want to scare you with the prices? well.. it seems to me that someone doesn't obtain the abilty to laugh or understand humor. But honestly, I don't know if you understand what a post like this could do to their business! Infact, putting false information online can easily be taken care with the help of a lawyer, and if any contact was made over email, those would be accessible at anytime. I felt the need to not only correct you, but also inform everyone else looking to higher a band of the truth. My wedding reception was absolutely amazing and Karma did a fantastic job! honestly they deserve more than $5,000! Sure there are other bands, but not many that are as involved and helpful as Karma! I would highly recommend Karma for any brides to be....they were AMAZING, and worth every penny! 
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